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    What's the difference between JDO and Entity Bean ?
    How can JDO be integrated with the EJB ?


  2. For now I would stay away from JDO since it has not yet got the momentum that entity beans have.. They are different technologies altogether.. just curios why would you want to use the two together..
  3. Going through the proposed final draft of the JDO, it say both can be used, but how...?
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    You can use JDO from bean managed persistence (BMP) entity beans. However, BMP entity beans don't actually give you very much benefit in return for a lot of overhead.

    It would not be surprising to see JDO vendors providing pluggable container managed persistence (CMP) for entity beans.

    However, I think the best approach is to use JDO from a JCA resource adapter. This gives you the deployment and pooling capabilities of entity beans without the interface constraints. This works especially well if your entities are meant to be used through a Session Facade pattern. The entities would be represented by value objects manipulated through operations on the Session Facade. They are passed through the client interface of the JCA resource adapter and JDO transparent persistence would map them to the data store.