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News: JSP 2.0 Early Access Download Available

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    An early access release of JSP 2.0 is available for developers to play with. The release is a custom version of TomCat 4.1 that implements version 2.3 of the Java Servlet API 2.3 and some new features in JSP 2.0, including the expression language, the <jsp:attribute> and <jsp:body> standard actions, and new SimpleTag Handlers and JSP Fragments.

    Check out JSP 2.0(Sun JDC registration req'd).
  2. I encourage everyone to look at the JSP 2.0 draft and early-access RI and provide comments. JSP 2.0 really introduces an entirely new way of using JSP. The changes between JSP 1.1 and JSP 1.2 (and, similarly, between Servlet 2.3 and Servlet 2.4) primarily consolidate and fix the standards; JSP 2.0, by contrast, introduces structural changes and many new features.

    Shawn Bayern
    (member of the JSP 2.0 expert group)
    "JSTL in Action" http://www.jstlbook.com
  3. ASP.NET's 'System.Web.UI' classes of the .NET framework enables server side generation of HTML form elements(cross browser compatible). I wonder when JSP/Java tools will have such a feature and a RAD tool to take advantage of the same?

    Surely, this would be a great addition to developer productivity.

    Is anybody aware of any JSR's along these lines, or any tools along these lines.

    I wish not to comment on the Java Platform and it's maturity but I surely feel this would open up a new possibility.

  4. Take a look at Struts and Strut's extensions for UltraDev.

  5. Do you mean the taglib extensions to Ultradev at : http://jakarta.apache.org/taglibs/doc/ultradev4-doc/intro.html.

    It is so very clumbersome... you can hardly categorize it as a RAD framework it is surely not something close to what Visual Studio .net has to offer for ASP.NET.

  6. check out JSR 127: Java Server Faces

    If you program with ASP.NET, I suggest that you rather not comment on Java's Maturity...
  7. Well I did go thru http://www.jcp.org/jsr/detail/127.jsp

    It was nice to know that Sun is working towards it.

    Well as far as myself is concerned, I have developed, & designed J2EE based systems on live customer projects for quite some time now. I recently moved on to the .NET Framework due to certain customer requirements.

    I hope my commnet on maturity of Java was not taken otherwise as there was no pun intended.

    I was only hinting at what was good in .NET and what could be done to make Java better.

  8. No worries

    all java guys get pissed off whe here about M$ touting java as being old news, when you actually look at Java in the big picture and compare it to .Net, Java is so far ahead its frightening, especially in areas such as P2P and O/R mapping

    ASP.Net essentially takes the best of JSP and all the frameworks that have spun-off around Servlets and JSP and consolidates it with a few of their own features.

  9. Is anybody aware of any JSR's along these lines, or any

    >tools along these lines.

    See for example Coldtags suite on

    .NET similar tags are there.
  10. See for example Coldtags suite on


    >>.NET similar tags are there.

    Good collection of taglibs i would say.

    Can anybody tell me one thing - Is there any JSP upload tag lib that will work in WAS 3.5 with JSP 1.1 support.

    Thanks in advance.
  11. yes :)

    See www.servletsuite.com/servlets/uptag.htm
  12. JSP vs. ASP.NET[ Go to top ]

    I haven't researched .NET, but a number of Tapestry developers have commented that Tapestry's approach is similar and in many cases superior to the .NET approach.

    Apparently .NET does a bit more on the client side, and Tapestry does a lot more on the server side.

    Tapestry has a plugin for Eclipse called Spindle. Spindle speeds up development, but isn't specifically a RAD tool. Tapestry is an excellent candidate for RAD since most of an application's behavior is specified in XML.

    Tapestry: Java Web Components
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    I was reading through JSR 127...

    "2.11 Please describe the anticipated schedule for the development of this specification.
    The final schedule will be determined by the expert group, however the target for the Community Draft specification is Fall 2001."

    It's almost Fall 2002 now - hsa there been any work been done on it since this went up?
  14. JSP vs. ASP.NET[ Go to top ]

    Give it up MS troll .Net is dead . No one is using dot not.
  15. I've finally got around to reading the JSP 2.0 PRD spec, and I must say I'm damn impressed. Pretty much every one of my major gripes with JSP have been addressed.

    - Expression language - a much nicer way of accessing nested beans

    - Dynamic tag attributes - yay! proper mimicing of HTML elements at last

    - Simple tags - finally. Was far too clunky before.

    Looking good!