Deploying EJBs in WebSphere 3.5.4 using VAJ


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Deploying EJBs in WebSphere 3.5.4 using VAJ

  1. We are using VAJ 3.5.4 and WAS 3.5.4

    The VAJ creates a non-J2EE compliant Deployment Descriptor .ser for every EJB that it exports as Deployed Jar.
    This ser file is a serializable Deployment Descriptor which is used by the Websphere Application server 3.5.4 deploy the EJB.
    This ser file is created in the <VAJ HOME>\ide\project_resources\Project_Name.
    So the problem is about reflecting the changes that I am making in the EJB( Remote and Bean Instance) into the ser file.
    I removed the ser file from the directory and then generated the deployed code and it still did not update the ser file.
    Essentially the changes that I am making to the Beans are not getting propagated to the ser file of the bean.
    Hence the new methods I added to the EJB are not reflected on the bean when I deploy it to the WAS.
    Please help me if you have previuos experience on similar problems.
  2. We are working on beans (unfortunately for deployment to WAS) - suggest you ensure that you rebuild the Deployed JAR from inside VAJ (Enterprise Edition obviously) to get the .ser file right