Oracle9iAS is now J2EE 1.3 Certified


News: Oracle9iAS is now J2EE 1.3 Certified

  1. Oracle9iAS is now J2EE 1.3 Certified (22 messages)

    Oracle announed last week that it has passed the J2EE 1.3 compatibility test suite, which became official yesterday when Oracle9i was added to Sun's J2EE 1.3 compatibility page. A developer preview download of Oracle9iAS 9.0.3 is available.

    Get the Oracle 9.0.3AS Developer Preview.

    Visit the J2EE Compatibility Page.

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  3. That is GREAT news - it took a while, but it is finally here.

  4. I do not like Oracle9i AS because it is so complicated compare to other app server. The whole Oracle9iAS is 1,500 MB and could not install in one dev machine for portal and wireless feature.

    The installation process is also complicated. Why Oracle9iAS 9.02 HAVE TO BE INSTALLED with Oracle 9i DB. Common, I have Oracle 8.15/8.16 How can I doi with Oracle9iAS R2 Portal.

    Do I have to switch to BEA Flatform 7.0 which is only 250MB for the whole (Application Server, Portal Server, Intergration Server and even Workshop Development tool).

    Hope you will make things easier.

    Best regards,
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    It's important to differentiate OC4J (Oracle Containers for Java) from the rest of the junk Oracle includes in 9iAS. OC4J is generally all you need and can be downloaded seperately from Oracle. I believe it is a 10MB download, alternatively look for in the main 9iAS download.

    I have an application running on Weblogic, WebSphere, JRun and OC4J/Orion. OC4J is by far by favourite to develop on. It's easy to setup and starts and stops very quickly, particularly in comparison to Weblogic and Websphere.

    Try giving it another whirl and just download and use the OC4J part.

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    Gerald is right.
    You have 2 alternatives for J2EE environment: You either use OC4J only as Gerald suggested, or you could install the 9iAS J2EE (core) which contains OC4J, HTTP server and web cache. This one has GUI administration, load balancing etc. and it weights 350 MB.
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    I know very well the diff between OC4J and 9iAS.

    I love OC4J and Jdev tool.

    But my point is if you want to build applications ontop Oracle9iAS Portal framework, then you must:

    1) Go with Oracle9i Database
    2) Download the Oracle9iAS Enterprise Ed. with is almost 1.5GB software.
    3) Need 2 machines, even just for the developnment and evaluation purpose. This is recommended by Oracle as when I was installing Oracle9iAS. One machine for the Infrustructure/Repository of the Oracle Enterprise Manager.
    4) Need a lot of RAM and space for HDDs.

    Best regards,
  8. Greetings,

    Should we expect soon Orion to be certified too?


  9. I hope so - though there are still a few items on the checklist to be completed - things like full jsp1.2/servlet 2.3 and the like. Hopefully their involvment with Oracle will be somewhat less since Oracle has now achieved 1.3 certification and the Ironflare boys can spend more time on Orion!

  10. JDBC driver is pretty bad?[ Go to top ]

      From a friend:

       Just a couple data points. I've had occasion to
    run the same java program against all 3 production ***
    and *** (in progress at the moment) to extract lots o'
    data from each.

    In both cases I used the vendor's type 4 driver.
    In both cases I was retrieving the data into text
    files onto jake.

    Sybase delivered 1300+ rows per second.
    Oracle delivers 50 rows per second.

    There are some various things that could explain some
    of this difference bit it's pretty profound. In both
    cases, the thing amounted to "give me all the data in
    the table". The queries have no real complexity.

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    I haven't experienced anything like the performance your friend experienced with Oracle's type 4 driver...
  12. JDBC driver is pretty bad?[ Go to top ]

    It may be because it may not be configured properly. In my experience Oracle is much faster than Sybase.
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    I donĀ“t agree. Running on the same hardware Sybase is usually much faster than Oracle. Something like twice the speed is normal. The big difference stated in your post suggests there must be something with configuration somewhere. Out of the box the difference is not so strange.
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    seems unlikely imho. Anecdote from my HP-UX C++/Proc C past on a small 120 MHZ box running a complex statistically query with outer joins, unions, and subqueries with a test data set of 35k records in about 5 seconds. That's with 30+ other developers using the same box to build with acc :-)
  15. This is great news !!! When is JDeveloper 9.0.3 coming out would it also run on JDK 1.3 or 1.4 ?

  16. Thanks for your interest in JDeveloper 9.0.3 which is going to support J2EE 1.3 features.
    We are working on it. No firm dates yet, We will keep you posted once we get closer to the actual dates.
    IDE will be using JDK 1.3, but you can use JDK 1.4 for the individual projects.

    JDev Team
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    Haaaaaa, It's great!
  18. Didn't Oracle just officially release 9iAS Release 2? What has changed in OC4J since Release 2? I see that Oracle has released the Developer Preview, but what about 9iAS r2? How does Oracle plan on releasing this certified J2EE, perhaps a patch maybe? Or will we have to pay to upgrade to 9.0.3 err 9iAS Release 3? Seeing that Oracle's revenues seem to be drying up, I'm guessing the latter, but nonetheless, I thought I'd ask.

    Jason Gabinet
  19. Jason,

    As far as I know Oracle doesn't charge for upgrades of their products.

  20. The certified version is presently in a 'Developer preview'. Any idea when the GA is expected?
  21. Oracle doesn't charge you for updates / upgrades as long as you have a support contract in place, right? But what if you just licensed the software, and no support agreement is in place? Then what?

  22. Jason,

    Like you said if you have support contract then the new versions of the software are free. If you don't have support contract I think( not sure never been in that situation ) you should license the new versions.

  23. But Pramati still rulz...