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    I'm in the process of designing a medium-weight application which will shift toward heavy weight in a year or so. I need some reasoning and guide lines as why I should choose EJBs as opposed to JSPs/Servlets and traditional Java classes or vice versa, or maybe a combo of both. Just to give you an idea about the app. it is going to do lots of transactions, needs to be scalable, robust and reliable of course, and plenty of security and data privacy issues are involved.

    Any advice, white papers, and architectural guide lines are much appreciated.
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    No contest, imho. EJB's provide transactions, security, and scalability ootb without you performing session management and writing a whole bunch(none) of JDBC code. Declare the services you need in the deployment descriptor and worry about your business logic instead of worrying about managing transactions, sessions, and database code.

    TSS has many articles, and here is the location of the BEA dev2dev site for EJB:


    It has a lot of information posted by the WLS developers and is worth a look.

    "Enterprise Java Beans" by Richard Monson-Haefel is an invaluable guide.