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    Omnicore Software has announced CodeGuide 5.0, a Java IDE with strong support for JavaServer Pages. CodeGuide provides features such as code completion, on-the-fly error checking of all files, refactoring, etc. available for both Java and JSP files.

    A 30 day trial download is available.


    Press release
    Omnicore Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of their Java IDE CodeGuide 5.0 for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X.

    Like its predecessor CodeGuide 4 the new version includes some of the most impressive features ever to be found in an IDE. CodeGuide 5 comes with a new high-performance source code analysis engine. Besides offering major speed enhancements this engine adds exciting new features:

    On-the-fly error checking of the whole project
    Instant compilation
    Full JavaServer Pages support
    HotSwap debugging
    Support for generic types

    With the release of CodeGuide 5.0, Omnicore continues its dedication to provide users with the best Java coding tool on the market:

    "Increasing developer productivity is our mission. ," remarked Hans H. Kratz, co-founder and joint-CEO, Omnicore Software. "The new on-the-fly compiler combined with HotSwap dynamic class replacement offers our customers unbeatable turnaround times.‚Ä?.

    About CodeGuide
    CodeGuide 5.0 is the next-generation Java IDE. It received high praise for its advanced on-the-fly code analysis engine. CodeGuide analyses and compiles programs while typing, shows errors instantly and offers powerful programming assistance. It is not tied to any particular operating system or specific Java Development Kit, so developers have the maximum possible freedom in choosing their development platform. CodeGuide is already in wide use by the most competitive companies of the industry.

    For more information about CodeGuide visit

    Pricing and Availability
    A free 30-day trial version is available for download at the company’s webpages at

    The price for a developer license for CodeGuide 5.0 is US$ 299. Information about pricing for academic licensing may be found on Omnicore’s website.

    About Omnicore
    Omnicore Software is a privately owned company located in Karlsruhe, Germany. It was founded in 1998 to create high quality software development tools which support cutting edge technologies.

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    Not bad. Looks a bit like IDEA. What are the differences to it? What I've missed on the first look was code layout. If I configure to use Perforce there are fixed commands (add, delete, submit, sync...) but how do I set my client spec to use?

    -- Andreas
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    Code builder looks lot similar to Intellij IDEA.

    Its just IDEA with price less than about 100$ I guess.. except that I dont see any major differences.
    I dont know if code builder has open API, IDEA has one and there are lot of plug-in's available.
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    this does not matter in terms of the functionality you get, but AFAIK CodeGuide has been offering "real time parsing" before anyone else. So much for the history books.

    In terms of todays functionality, I think IDEA does offer a number of extra features, and, when I last looked at both, the UI was much more polished. You may want to try both and determine whether you need the features, and the polish.
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    Anil Kona Wrote
    I dont know if code builder has open API, IDEA has one and there are lot of plug-in's available

    Can you point me some URL where I can find IDEA plug-ins and IDEA API.

    IDEA is the best.


  6. CodeGuide 5.0 IDE Released[ Go to top ] has all the plugins, u can access their latest builds.. and u can try them for free
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    Code Guide, is far the most productive IDE I ever seen . IDEA was never so good as Code Guide. CG has the best code checker in the world(IDEA has maybe 50% of CG functionalities at the code checker), is fast and has an exceptional refactoring tool. The product is much more mature then IDEA. But is a tool for professionals. It hasn't fancy GUI's , and strange wizards. CG is all what
    Java prossional needs. With CG you achive maximum productivity. This tool is really, really great.
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    The previous poster, Romulus, who claims CG is the tool for professionals over IDEA is quite inaccurate in implying that IDEA has fancy wizards. IDEA is generally a wizard-free zone. And as for fancy GUIs, IDEA is a remarkably well designed for usability GUI... and most developers like strong usability. Sounds like he hasn't used IDEA and is defending CG out of turn. I'm not criticizing CG, just pointing out that he is quite off base.
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    looks awesome. but why would you pay for an IDE these days when there are netbeans/forte and esclipse + a tons of other free IDEs? they care do a lot more than this.
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    None of the free IDEs I tried have decent support for Java Server Pages. There is a plugin for Eclipse and Netbeans has some support but it is much less mature than the rest of the IDE.

    If the JSP features are really integrated into the core of this IDE it might well be worth the money.

  11. CodeGuide 5.0 IDE Released[ Go to top ]

    If you think that you can live with an Open Source IDE such as Eclipse or Netbeans, you have probably not yet tried IntelliJ IDEA. This thing is so amazingly great that it's well worth the money.

    Stefan Tilkov
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    I have always heard great things about IDEA and it seems inexpensive relative to its features. I am leaning towards it because of its JSP support.

    Outside of JSP support, what does it give me that Eclipse does not? I am a happy Eclipse user right now and it is really full featured.

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    I've been using Eclipse 2.0 for the last 2 months, because of work, and compared to IDEA it's quite weak in many ways (maybe except for the price).

    Eclipses refactoring (IDEA has over 20 different whereas Eclipse has only 8), code navigation (try it out in IDEA you'll be amazed of how easy and powerful it is), code completion and code creation features leave a lot to wish for. I'm writing it so strong cause I must admit I'm tired of working with Eclipse.

    IDEA adds a lot of core functionality to the editor that doesn't seem to be in other editors (haven't tried CodeGuide yet so I can't comment on it), like for instance smart code completion (go check it out, it's easier to experience it than to write it all down), intentions (such as the intetion to add new exceptions to an existing try/catch block, etc) and a lot more. I suggest people try it out.

    I've worked with IDEA for almost a year and I'm really happy with its features and the responsiveness of the IntelliJ people.

    CodeGuide seems to have a lot of features that are also in IDEA, so it will be interesting to try it out and compare the two.

  14. CodeGuide 5.0 IDE Released[ Go to top ]

    Intellij is the best i have used.But its consuming a hell lot
    of memory even altering the project settings VM heap doesn't
    found seen this problem.

    And templates r heavily missing eg.tld file templates.

    And the release updation is very slow ,and they r releasing only after the technology almost freezes when compared to cocoon support in jbuilder6

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    IIRC, NetBeans has full JSP support - code completion, tag support, highlighting, etc. I have not found anything for Eclipse other than a tool for syntax highlighting (not from lack of trying!).

    I tried out CodeGuide and could not get code completion in a JSP to work. Am I missing something? Does it have this feature or was I not doing something right?

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    Code completion works fine for me. Pressing Ctrl-Space seems to invoke auto-completion for variables, etc. and a completion list pops up automatically after typing a ".".

    It even seems to display errors in JSP files!

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    Looks nice but a word of warning.
    It appears to lock up if you aren't connected to a network (I presume it is the license server trying to see if you are running multiple copies with the same license on your network - or perhaps it is trying to connect to the Internet for some kind of one-off initialisation).
    Unfortunately Win2K automagically (I am sure someone must think this is useful!?) disables the network software if you aren't plugged into a network on a laptop and CodeGuide doesn't seem to check for this.

    Once it was working it looks very slick - about to compare it to the newly released (optional download) Web Features in NetBeans 3.4.