I just write an interface for my project and it inherited from EjbObject,that is all such Ejb is return the same interface.By this way I standarded some action in my project such as DB action
factory-->different action bean -->muti ejb -->...
return type is followed:
action bean interface <-- ejb remote interface (same one)
now i have to get the different home interface in the action bean
but for some reason ,I have defined a abstract parent class for the different action bean ,there are some method is implemented here,and only one abstract method is sent to child class to implements ,which method is just the JNDI name string.
I wanna that I can finish the work by call the JNDI name at that abstract class method and gains the ejb remote interface (same one),but the home interface is different between different Sbn,can I use Class.forname?or some easy to read method to do that?not many "if"
lots of tks