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    Liferay has announced the Liferay Enterprise Portal. LEP is a J2EE open source portal package that provides personalization, user/group management, web mail, message boards, content management all rolled into one convenient package.

    You can demo it at or visit the project site at

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  2. The project web site is at

    What do you guys think of the Portlet API? We're waiting til API is more finalized before implementing it.

    The portal is also built off of Struts, but I've been at #java on IRC lately and the guys there seem to be promoting WebWork a lot more.
  3. Sounds interesting, with a nice set of immediately usable features. How would you compare it to BEA's Weblogic Portal?

    We're currently on Portal, but thinking of moving to a more lightweight solution. Portal slows us down, we're just not as agile as we need to be with it, with our small group.

  4. I haven't played with BEA's portal solution too much yet. I respect BEA a lot and they build good products. It seems to me though, that a portal solution should not cost companies tens of thousands of dollars.

    Liferay has a similar vision to JBoss. Just as JBoss is comodotizing the app server world by giving away a great app server for free, so Liferay is building a great portal server and giving that away for free.

    If you are locked into BEA's portal and ever needed to move off of BEA, say, like to Pramati or Oracle9i or any other server, you'd be locked into BEA. And that's not a good thing. Cause then they can milk you like a cow. Mooo...
  5. If you are looking for an excellent portal that is priced to meet your organization, look no further than WebSphere portal. IBM has, or will be releasing pricing that makes it more afforfable than most of the other vendors. CRN had a recent article about this.
  6. Check out this review on The Server Side about Websphere:

    As affordable as WebSphere Portal may be, the cost won't be 0.

    Liferay will support WebSphere 5 in the near future, can't support WebSphere 4 because it does not support EJB 2.x

    - Brian
  7. Can you point me to that article?

  8. What version of the BEA Portal?
  9. Here are the docs on BEA Portal 7.0:

    Liferay offers the same functionality as far as user personalization, administration, and extensibility. You can see docs on how to extend the portal at

    Liferay lacks GUI tools for development, doesn't use WebLogic's custom webflow and pipeline, and isn't integrated to WebLogic's commerce packages.

    Check out pictures of the BEA portal:

    And compare these pictures with the live demo at

    Create an account and compare for yourself. Which one is cleaner and has more default functionality?
  10. Their GUI tools aren't really that great, IMO.

    WebFlow is an overengineered controller, which ties you to Portal. It doesn't really add much. The theory is a enterprise-wide runtime-updatable controller, but we've had more issues with WebFlow than I would care to list. Struts depends more on static xml files, and I'm not sure if it requires a reload of the server, but it's probably got fewer things that can go wrong in it.

    We don't use the commerce package. Nice for B2C shops, but not too useful for anything B2B.

    I'm definitely going to compare. Thanks!
  11. go ahead and try 7.0, it should perform much better.
    Also, the tools have improved a good bit.

    You should also have your BEA rep give you a roadmap presentation.
  12. Well, I spent a month migrating our stuff from Portal 4 to Portal 7, so I know how it's done. It just was taking too long to push it into production. We've spent the last year fighting Portal, wrestling with it, and I'm just kind of tired.

    The deployment model for weblogic just sucks. It's just not flexible enough, and JBoss has upped the ante. Portal 7 is a big improvement, but the fact is that WebLogic server is aimed at Windows users who want to point and click. While that's adequate, it's really not what can be done on a server oriented towards the Unix world.

    I want to be able to drop any file, ear, war, jsp, class, and have the server pick it up, redeploy it, without any snafus. We have people developing on Portal 7, and they still have occasional issues.

  13. Open Source Liferay Enterprise Portal Available[ Go to top ]

    I think BEA guys are always telling go ahead and implement their new version. I am working with BEA portal( Previous name WLCS & WLps) since version 2.1. I don't think BEA have done some major changes except coloring that products with some worst tools like EBCC.
    1. BEA portal is too expenssive
    2. Work Only with BEA weblogic application Server
    3. BEA portal is heavy application
    4. And while intruducing new versions, they make is more and more Heavy.
    5. Each module like portal and commerce is packed with huge number of EJBs and Taglibs, so that deployment time in a reasonable network enabled production system is like 25 minutes which is not acceptable for a web application
    6. Hard coded use of resource names like commerce connection pool. BEA Developer even think hard coding resource names in Java code is the best way to do programming in this world, Isn't it a new IDEA? :))
    7. BEA Engineers still trying to figure out how to use their EBCC in a corporate environment where multiple business associates have to manage and modify different portal attributes( like campign, roles, segments, entitlments etc ) at same time. Right now if you allow multiple Business associates( people with less java knowledge and more business knowledge about the company) to use EBBC for live update and sink with production bea portal.100% sure business will be down for another one week till IT team to understand what XML file went Wrong.

    8. BEA Executing a huge number SQL statements with out any reason for building each portal page. USE SQL monitor available for free down load as a weblogic plugin, and watch against WEblogic portal. It will be funny and surprise that BEA developers are very funny guys not even understanding that an application pumping to Database and heating that box for each and everything is not something people like in current market.

    9. There will be a number of bugs and errors you guys will be facing like (UNABLE TO RETRIEVE PORTAL STATE FROM PORTAL MANAGER, WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!) during a six months development time. This is periodic, and I have been seeing this since version 2.0. all my 4 projects in BEA portal have faced 10 bugs in each six months duration.

    10. In a low profiled financial budget, after paying a huge amount for BEA license, Each developer have to sleep in front of their Pentium 2 processor corporate work station to restart the BEA portal 10 times during each day developement activities.

    11. When are they going to learn and change the deployments orders of their components inside BEA stock portal and WLCs applications so that they can assure that it will run without "Class not found" or unable to deploy EJBs error!!!!!

    12. Why the hell their DataSync components run behind each and every component deployments in a web application, is there no easy way to make a sync servlet which run only one time for a web application instead going behind each components of a web application like devil from Boulder colorado to each BEA portal customers!!!!!!?. Guys i think J2EE is advanced and a way around there, if you are not using BEA portal.

    13. Cluster feature with BEA portal. Recently I am facing one more devil, In a pentium 4 dual processor, 4GB RAM machine running with two WLS instances, if you ever try to hot deploy the portal (Heavy junk), after 20 minutes of waiting time frame, they kill one of the clustered instance and finally deploy into the second one. I need to do some heavy research what weblogic is doing in 20 minutes and why my one instance is dieing , but i am sure something has to be done with this heavy structure of portal enterprise application.

    14 Ever tried their Unified User profile??. Telling me to write EJBs and make reference to that in their usrmgmt,jar file? Funny, is that a new discovery as BEA developer claim from their office. Any J2EE developer can create such a unified user profile in this world like that.
       writting Ejbs for each different type of data sources and brining them together through a top level controlling bean is not a big deal. If they have something like, specify my different data source for my Uinified User Profile, and their component will build that together, it will be good.

    15. BEA guys, please don't tell me, Go and dowlload portal 7.0 and it is very NEW AND A LOTTTTTTTTTT OF NEW FEATURES, I AM HEARING THIS FROM THAT PRODUCTS CHILDHOOD TIME, SINCE 1997.
       J2EE developers, let us go and search for some light, smart portal web application which will run with any j2EE specified app server.

  14. We started with 3.5, are in production on 4.0, and are probably not going to upgrade to 7.0, although it is more stable than previous versions.
  15. I'd try to get a head start on the Portlet API if you can, once it stabilizes some more. I don't want to write common portlets (mail, calendar, etc) and I want to be able to add that kind of functionality in a very short time span. There is a huge business case for having standards such that I can buy an app and drop it in.

  16. We'll definitely implement the Portlet API once it's more stable. You're right, it'll be great for the community to have plug and play portlets for common functionality like email, calendar, message boards, doc management, etc.
  17. Brian,

    What about the support of NES ! Things seems working
    pretty well with IE ,however with NES ,the customization
    of portlets doesn't seem working .

  18. What version of Netscape are you using? I still test the portal with Netscape 4.08 (I love it because it'll always detect my html errors by breaking!). Some of the DHTML features don't work except in Netscape 6 or above, but personalization should work even in Netscape 4.08.

    Are you using the custom change color/skin? If so, it might look for a Java applet, but that only uses AWT, so it should work with any jdk.
  19. The customization(min/max/del) doesn't work with NES 4.79.
    However it does work with NES 6.2.

    Is there any document listing the compatibilty of the code
    accross brower.


  20. Everything works with NES 6+ and IE 5.5+

    There are some minor issues like min/max/del with other browsers, but nothing that would stop them from, say, being able to log in and check their email.
  21. #java = epesh
    epesh = joseph ottinger
    joseph ottinger = one of the founders of open symphony where webwork is hosted
  22. Well... it's arguable that #java isn't me, since I'm not online for most of the day. Plus, not everyone in every #java channel agrees with me on everything, although they should.

    Furthermore, IRL I'm not "Epesh" - I'm Joseph Ottinger, and we do things fundamentally differently. People expect Epesh when they meet me and they get me instead - the cognitive dissonance is fun to watch.

    Thirdly, I'm not actually one of the founders opensymphony. Joe Walnes and Mike Cannon-Brookes did that; I was brought in early, but that was post-creation. I also don't see the tie-in with WW, since WW being brought into OpenSymphony wasn't my doing.

    Besides, nobody could whore themselves or their pet projects as much as Jason Hunter does with Velocity, or as much as his nearest competitor with Tapestry (Sorry, dude, I forgot your name, but I'm sure you'll throw it in the response chain somewhere.)
  23. I've tried most of the OpenSource Portal.Liferay seems to be the most useful .The downside of it it has many ejb which eats the rams and make Jboss run slow.BasicPortal will be named "Jasic" in the future is also a good open source Portal though the same as Jetspeed it still not yet mature
  24. It looks interesting. Does anyone know how this compares with Jakarta's JetSpeed?
  25. Pros of Liferay:

    - Built off of Struts

    - J2EE architecture, relies solely on EJBs for data persistence (Jetspeed relies on another project called Turbine) Works with JBoss, Orion/Oracle9i, Pramati, and WebLogic. See the deployment matrix.

    - Liferay comes with web mail (like Hotmail), user personalization (like Yahoo), document library, image gallery, message boards, news feeds and a ton of other useful portlets that Jetspeed does not.

    - Has user/group/role management

    - Much prettier IMHO, allows each individual user to personalize skin from a practically unlimited number of colors

    Pros of Jetspeed:

    - Will be the default implementation of the Portlet API, has great inroads with Sun and is part of the Apache family
  26. I seek a technical solution to integrate:
    - a tool CMS such as Cofax or Opencms or other
    - a tool groupware (chat, forum, mail, Diary, white table, calendar, news, file repository..)
    - an engine of search
    - an authentification via LDAP with an implementation SSO
    in a Intranet/Extranet gate based on the open source LiferayEntreprise Portal

    I would be very grateful for any guidelines and ideas about how I should proceed. Thank you in advance! Very best regards
  27. Don't know how to create a new thread on this site. Sorry.

    A few questions:

    1. Are you implementing JAAS for your authentication/authorization?
    2. Did you create your own data model or are you using LDAP? Both?
    3. If you are using a db? Did you use Turbine's approach?
    4. Any gotchas or advice on JAAS?

    You used to have some architecture documentation on your site. I think. Do you have some you are willing to share? A more clear illustration of your user management/security model would be great.

  28. good job[ Go to top ]

    in my opinion, with ejb,the architecture of liferay is right for access to the legacy with heavy load . we considered this portal as one of candidates,but we gived up at last after reading part of the source code.we believe that you will release a more maintainable portal.
  29. Test drive MyCapstone implementing the latest version of Liferay:

    you can login as:
    username: test at liferay dot com
    password: capstone
  30. I personally worked with BEA Portal, and our company is a BEA Partner. I recently had a presentation seminar with BEA and divine on the topic Enterprise Information Portal. I used the Open Source Liferay Enterprise Portal as my demo, since it was easy and quick to setup. It took about 15-20 minutes and you are up and running.

    With BEA Portal 7.0, it took about 30-40 minutes setting it up. If you're lucky, you'll have the hot deploy working for the Create new portal wizard. Otherwise, it takes a little bit of tweaking to get a portal up and running. Of course, you can always use the Avitek Portal demo, but I wanted something a little different.

    Now for a more stable environment, I would suggest running Liferay Portal on WebLogic Server. This way you get the benefits of clustering, as well as other optimizations. Of course, you can always run it on JBoss as well.

    Much thanks for Brian and the rest of the Liferay team. You guys really did a bang up job implementing the latest technologies using some best practices.

    One thing I really didn't like about the WebLogic Portal is their Ebusiness Control Center tool. This is the GUI tool for MVC that allows you to build Input Processors and Pipeline Components. I personally rather use Struts, but with WLS Portal you are limited to this tool.

    With WLS Portal, however, you do have the benefit of having Integration/Workflow, and Commerce built in. You can start campaigns with some pretty decent rules.

    You can check out the newsletter I wrote on Portal technology:
    and the presentation from the seminar:
  31. BEA portal is pretty good, but the worst thing about it is changing ANY class, be it a servlet, inputprocessor, pipeline component, or custom ejbs messes up the webflow and you must restart the portal server. Needless to say, this destroys developer productivity.
  32. You are NOT the only one to notice this. Anytime we make a change we have to restart the server in WLS 6.1 and Portal 4. WebFlow has gotten more stable in 7.0, but occasionally we have issues with our 4.0 webflow.

    Tomcat is looking pretty darn good right now.

  33. I thought Integration/Workflow were a part of WebLogic Integration? While those *are* members of WebLogic Platform, they aren't included in the Portal solution itself. It'll cost ya. ;-)
  34. Hello,

    Did someone made a comparison with Jahia, mostlyu focusing on feature and portlet available ?

    Mickaël Rémond
  35. Working for (so it is clear from the begginning ;-) ).

    1)There are more and more Java portal layers and products. It is great... but IMHO without an integrated CMS or Document Management layer, such solutions are really limited in use(excepted for creating a simple MyYahoo page for each employee). In the future both solutions will certainly merge to offer complete CMS and Portal tools...
    2) Jetspeed project: I'm really in favour of dividing clearly a vendor neutral implementation of the portletsAPI (JSR 168) + an implementation of a complete Portal (Jetspeed; liferay; jahia; ... others). In all the case, we will be ready to participate in the development of this new reference implementation API under a classical open source license as soon as available... Moreover I'm not sure that the JSR168 is still based on Jetspeed any. Perhaps more on the last version of the Websphere Portal Server that consider portlets as an extension of the ServletsAPI... IMHO that's the right way to move forward.
    3) Without the right sets of portlets (webapps/webservices), Portal layers are also very limited in use. And in the java industry there are not a lot of Portlet vendors... or even of free open soure collaborative web applications (jive forum and ???), so at the end you are limited to put some weather portlets and some RSS channels on your portal... So if some developers want to openJava based new companies, please become Portlet Providers ;-)

    In all the cases, if you are looking for a mid-sized CMS/Portal, take a look at (not available under a pure open source license but at least the source code is publicly available and not so expensive compared to the big players ;-) )

  36. what's with all the bible stuff? spreading the gospel by means of free portal software.
  37. The project out started two years ago because our church was looking to build an intranet. I worked for a portal consulting/integration firm, and wanted had experience with Epicentric, Plumtree, etc. Unfortunately, they all cost way too much (Plumtree is $200 per user per year, minimum of 100k!) for a church. I looked into Jetspeed but found it lacking in features and I didn't like the over all design that much. After much prayer, I decided to start a ministry at our church to build our own intranet software. Then 2 years go by and now it's a full featured J2EE open source project. Soli deo Gloria! To God be the glory, because I can't breath/write/see/walk/talk without Jesus Christ who works in me.
  38. Open Source Liferay Enterprise Portal Available[ Go to top ]

    Are you even trying to coloring and divide God like chineese God, western God, Eastern God etc??. Jessus was a miracle, he never told people to build churched for each color and caste. Dude , wake uppp!!!!Don't try to sell God please
  39. Open Source Liferay Enterprise Portal Available[ Go to top ]

    TQ: "Jessus was a miracle, he never told people to build churched for each color and caste. Dude , wake uppp!!!!Don't try to sell God please"

    No, no, they're not selling God. This is open source: Free as in ....


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!
  40. One more note, as a result of building it for a church, there is inherent in the architecture the ability for one box to host several instances of the portal.

    Let me explain, our church currently hosts (Chinese Christian Union Church), (Gateway Christian Church),, and These are all different churches running off of one box, one app server, one database.

    So they all share the same instance of the package portal-ejb.jar, each share portal-web.war, but each have a different churchname-web.war that inherits from portal-web.war that is mapped to the virtual host. So even though portal-web.war is like 2 megs, we don't have to deploy the same huge war 4 times, once for each church. We deploy tiny 2-3 kb wars that tell it to use the larger instance of portal-web.war.

    This architecture potentially will allow (depending on hardware) as many different companies/churches to be hosted by one app server. Potentially, you can run a portal hosting provider with LEP.
  41. This is great news about a quality open source portal solution. Now you can have Liferay on JBoss for ZERO cost.

    This is exciting news for the community. I applaud your efforts.
  42. Good work! However, I have not been able to deploy your ear file on WebLogic 7.0.1. Your app depends on j2sdk1.4 (because of all the JCE stuff you used), which WebLogic 7.0.1 does not officially support.
  43. Open Source Liferay Enterprise Portal Available[ Go to top ]

    OK - got WebLogic to work with J2SDK1.4.1. However, the Struts action stuff seems to be out of whack. Request for localhost:7001 gets redirected to localhost:7001/c/extranet/home, which returns an empty page. Did I do something wrong?
  44. Using the Admin Console on WebLogic can be a bit tricky. I had to make sure that MainServlet properly maps to /c/*, it's in the ear's application.xml, but somehow it gets confused when you map something to root.

    I rebooted the server (took so long compared to JBoss and Orion) but then it works. We have a test dev environment for WebLogic. We didn't know that WebLogic requires jdk 1.3.x? You'd think it would support jdk 1.4.x
  45. Is it possible to email me the .ear file that works for you on WebLogic? I am still having problems deploying your app.
  46. Eric, what's your email address? I'll run my WebLogic installation for you to hit and you can maybe hit my admin console? To see what's different between mine and yours? Or, we can compare config.xml's

    My email is b at brianchan dot com.

    Here's a snippet of my config.xml:

        <Application Deployed="true" Name="liferay-portal"
            Path="C:\LIFERAY\portal\portal-ear\liferay-portal.ear" TwoPhase="true">
            <EJBComponent Name="cache-ejb.jar" Targets="myserver" URI="cache-ejb.jar"/>
            <EJBComponent Name="counter-ejb.jar" Targets="myserver" URI="counter-ejb.jar"/>
            <EJBComponent Name="documentlibrary-ejb.jar" Targets="myserver" URI="documentlibrary-ejb.jar"/>
            <EJBComponent Name="mail-ejb.jar" Targets="myserver" URI="mail-ejb.jar"/>
            <EJBComponent Name="portal-ejb.jar" Targets="myserver" URI="portal-ejb.jar"/>
            <WebAppComponent Name="portal-web-complete.war"
                Targets="myserver" URI="portal-web-complete.war"/>


    <Server JavaCompiler="jikes" ListenPort="7001" Name="myserver"


            <WebServer DefaultWebApp="portal-web-complete.war"
                LogFileName=".\myserver\access.log" LoggingEnabled="true" Name="myserver"/>
  47. Personally, I have nothing against the project. But why is the company trying to promote Christianity? There is even a "Bible" tag in API!! and a call to send donations to Christian charities in Asia.
  48. Hmmm, after about 5 seconds of soul-searching, I have come to the conclusion that it would be hard to make myself use a project (however good it seems to be) that has religious overtones. No offense intended, but if you want this project to have the widest possible appeal, maybe you should consider taking out that stuff. Of course, you're perfectly free to leave it in; people like me just won't use it.
  49. Thanks for the post Thomas. Our goal is to create a great J2EE open source portal that does not alienate but that can appeal to everyone. That's why this portal is issued under the MIT open source license. It's essentially the same as BSD/Apache. Anyone can use this portal for anything, religious or non. You can even repackage it, take out all relgious references and sell that.

    On the topic of religious portlets, I'd be interested if anyone would be willing to add a portlet so I can search other religious texts, like the Koran.

    I believe it is a good thing to use technology in our search for anything, religious or not. Religous portlets can help ppl search out different religions so they contrast and compare each one for what its worth.

    Are all spiritual texts the same at its core? Do they all have one essential meaning? May be. May be not. Each person should research the texts for themselves, and I believe religions portlets can be a tool for that. Therefore, we're looking forward to including more religious portlets and not less.
  50. Thomas: "Hmmm, after about 5 seconds of soul-searching, I have come to the conclusion that it would be hard to make myself use a project (however good it seems to be) that has religious overtones."

    Wow! Look how intolerance bares its bloody fangs once again. For history's sake, how ironic: you have mentally blacklisted a project because it _is_ Christian. A few million more, and we might collectively undo the inquisition.


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!
  51. Cameron, I really don't think I'm being intolerant; I was *trying* to be helpful. (I do admit my language may have been a tad sarcastic, though--sorry.) They can obviously do whatever they want with their project--I was only suggesting that it might be in their best interest (i.e. in attracting users and collaborators) if they separate out the religious stuff into a separate module or something. However, if the religious aspect of this project is that big a priority, then of course that's their right--I'll go elsewhere, and probably a few others will as well.

    But if you want to talk about intolerance, it's sad that you've *assumed* I'm *anti-christian* just because I don't personally prefer to mix religion and programming. And then, once you assumed I was anti-christian, you also compared my action to those of the Inquisition.

    Anyway, my apologies to the Liferay folks if they've taken offense.

    -Tom "The Heretic" Green

  52. Being Open source and FREE along with reasonably good functions and features, It definitely appeals.
    Really good fit from a non-mission critical portal applications standpoint in an enterprise including Corporate Intranets,Extranets,Universities so on.
    If you are working hard to implement an Internet business strategy for your business through portals,but constrained by budgets or justify proper ROI, 'Liferay' may give you a better answer!!

    Why do one need to shell out $50-100K+ kind of money with the commercial portal products... Time to think..
  53. It’s interesting to see the perspective of open source products vs. cots but few talk about the business problems their trying to solve. Some companies have little money or don’t see the need until you prototype it with open source. The larger ones sometimes just don’t care or just consider it part of the architecture/infrastructure and that’s just part of doing business. It would be interesting to hear about technical case studies or more in the trenches experiences with these products. Some excellent comments concerning BEA that no sales rep is going to expose. So my additional thoughts about this follows;

    Problem: “Locked into a solution?, well I hope you’re making strategic decisions instead of thinking how will we move off this platform next year. Everything is almost a lock in today so choose well because in 2 to 3 years you will want to rebuild/replace anyways.

    Problem “Costs of $10k to $45k/cpu?, this has not stopped large companies from buying these products as the value of customers, support, management outweigh open source solutions over the long haul. Smaller companies, consulting groups, agencies building it from scratch tend to find these cheaper solutions effective to lock customers in over time. Also if my revenue covers the benefit to buy vs. build technology then I will. I tend to view my developers growth as words like BEA, IBM and Microsoft standout on a resume than other lesser known products.

    Problem “Over engineered products?, I don’t think it’s totally fair to compare BEA Portal to other portal products since they have this hybrid product solving too many business issues. BEA builds this portal, personalization, ecommerce, workflow product as this big ass framework as the first step to solve your business issue. I have this the issue of a B2C site so when I compare BEA to IBM (IBM Websphere Commerce suite + Websphere Portal) or Microsoft (Commerce Server 2002 + Sharepoint) the marketplace confusion is apparent. BEA has this Swiss army knive while the competition is very much targeted on a particular technology. So do you like the all in one product or the piecemeal approach? Again I’m solving a B2C issue and not so much worried about content aggregation with a portal product. I’m not pimping BEA but I’ve evaluated all these products and costs is not the issue compared to development, integration, and training. They will all work with enough turning of the knobs but who do you want as a partner and will step up during critical issues.

    Problem “end to end portal solution?, as mentioned previous without a CMS, search, reporting, security, and extensibility the complexity and costs add up quick for either open source or cots based platforms. Sure a small staff could piece together a dozen open source packages and create a maze of complexity only to confuse the most proficient rocket scientist. I’m tired of layers on top of layers of functionality complicating the architecture.

    So at the end of the day I would view the confidence factor I have with a technology like this being viable towards the problem, then other factors such as costs and people resources. If anything products like this keep the big boys somewhat honest but also provide some creative competitiveness in the Java space.
  54. Thomas: Cameron came to the only conclusion possible based on your own words really. You would not use any product, regardless or merit, that has "religious overtones" - in this context Christianity.

    Cameron: Dean On.

    Brian: Thank you for your hard work, your testimony, and promotion of our Lord Jesus Christ. He said there would be persecution.

    Just had to get all that in... must pray for more restraint..
  55. Thomas: "(I do admit my language may have been a tad sarcastic, though--sorry.)"

    Sarcasm is good. Not picking up on it is bad ;-)

    Thomas: "They can obviously do whatever they want with their project--I was only suggesting that it might be in their best interest (i.e. in attracting users and collaborators) if they separate out the religious stuff into a separate module or something."

    Separation of church and stateful EJBs? ;-)

    The only thing I objected to was the idea that, because the author(s) had built it for a religious web site, that someone would reject it for that reason.


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!
  56. Considering how religious IT debates can be, I don't really see it being that far of a fetch for someone to use a religious-originated application or tool. I thought it was a really original idea, combining technology with ideology in this way. Not that it hasn't been done before, but the matrix of religion, open source, Java, etc is pretty cool.

    I wonder if only confirmed Christians can submit to CVS. Haha! That's just a joke.

  57. I see Thomas' point here. When I first noticed the Christianity portlets I thought: "uh... this will scare off both developers and users".

    Personally I have no problems supporting the project, but I know that if I wanted my business to be successful in a broad market I would make sure it had no political or religious undertones... Not everybody is as open-minded as some of the posters here wish...

    On the other hand. If the goal of the project is to also be political / religious (Brian mentioned they want to include more religous portlets) I guess they will have to be very inclusive and allow everybody's opinion in their portlets to maintain integrity. Also portlets with opposing views...

    I think my point (and maybe also Thomas') is that this can take the focus off building the portal, and potentially scare off developers and users. Of course the portal should allow viewing any kind of portlet, but why build it into the very core of the product?

    Distributing the bible portlets (and taglibs) as a separate package from the Church's website, seems like a great idea to me if you want the project to have as broad appeal as possible (and I do).

  58. I actually think that the presence of the religious portlets/pagelets/components/whatever-you-call-those-things don't impair the project in any way. Quite the opposite, it demonstrates the true essence of the portal - the content and feature functionaly can be geared to pretty much whatever you desire: any industry, any group of people.
    I do see Thomas's and Oyvind's point however. To some people the presence of such default content can be scary, inappropriate or even unacceptible.
    So, i would like to propose a solution that would probably benefit all sides. Why not deliver the liferay portal framework with some neutral portlets/etc/etc and have church related content as a separate download in the form of the tutorial or showcase of how external, user portlets can be incorporated into an esisting portal application? Basically, a showcase for your Portal API.

    dReWz (just a peaceful person who loves everybody and everything)
  59. Bla bla ..If u don't fancy watching those relegious messages
    get rid of them or put whatever u like instead.I checked most of the code -all if it seem to be coded by Brian .That's a heck of hard work!. Respect....
  60. Up until now, I had not taken much interest in portals, 2day after looking @ liferay, my life has changed forever. It is an amazing work and, reading Brian's personal testimony gave me inspiration. This guy has created excellent software using latest technology(jdk1.4, ant1.5 etc.). Liferay has kindled my imagination on the future of portals.

    To me a portal built on a powerful app server or web server is a web operating system. Imagine liferay + jboss + tomcat or better still liferay + jonas + jetty - 'the open source network operating system'. personally, the religious aspect is not an issue. some people will be attracted by it, some will be distracted while some wont care. Taking the religious stuff may even reduce the impact of the software as is.

    Meanwhile I would like support for JONAS app server in liferay. It is argued that JONAS is better than JBoss.

    Lastly, Brian, u are an inspiration, u hv touched my life in a very +ve way and I cannot thank you enough but I'll try.

    Thank you.

  61. Yes, we have a bible taglib in there so ppl can easily make references with a simple tag of <util:bible verse="John 3:18" /> which will make a hyperlink to go to with the correct reference.

    We enjoy our the non religious portlets included in the portal (message boards, mail, etc), and we also enjoy our Christian portlets included in the portal (Bible search, etc)

    We thank everyone for trying the product and for being willing to give us honest feedback. We appreciate it much.
  62. deploy problem[ Go to top ]

    when i deploy 1.7.3ear on weblogic 7.0, i encounter this error:


    Unable to deploy EJB: com.liferay.cache.ejb.Cache from cache-ejb.jar:

    weblogic.ejb20.WLDeploymentException: Errors encountered ''The Container-Managed
     Persistence Entity EJB failed while creating its SQL Type Map. The error was:
    [Microsoft][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]SELECT permission denied on object
    'Cache', database 'lportal', owner 'dbo'.',
    'Error encountered while attempting to create Default DBMS Table: 'Cache'. Error
     Text: '[Microsoft][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Column or parameter #1: Can
    not find data type DATE.'.''
            at weblogic.ejb20.utils.TableVerifier.verifyTableExistsAndCreateMaybe(Ta
            at weblogic.ejb20.cmp.rdbms.RDBMSPersistenceManager.verifyTablesExist(RD
            at weblogic.ejb20.cmp.rdbms.RDBMSPersistenceManager.setup(RDBMSPersisten
            at weblogic.ejb20.manager.BaseEntityManager.setupPM(BaseEntityManager.ja

    i donot know is this driver problem, i use ms sql 2000 driver

    how does your enviorment i deploy the ear file on weblogic
  63. deploy problem[ Go to top ]

    Hmm... that's strange, are you autocreating tables? The db script uses timestamp and not date for sql server 2k

    I personally tested it with weblogic to mysql and oracle, and orion to sql server 2k.

    I used the MS drivers. What are you using?
  64. deploy problem[ Go to top ]

    Hi all
    in portlets\news\ there is no views_failure jsp but there is portlet_error - this should be rectified in struts_config

    also when run the portal jboss& tomcat can't find Language_properties I added this to PropUtils :

    URL url =Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().getResource("");
                InputStream is =url.openStream();
    still all what I see is ???. in all my pages

    or is this happening because I am using Struts1.1 tiles
    in my pages?
    any comment appreciated!
  65. deploy problem[ Go to top ]

    What language are you using?
  66. deploy problem[ Go to top ]

    sorted ..thanks
  67. It won't install for me with the EAR file (Using JBoss 3.0.4) and the JBoss/Tomcat bundle will run but I can't log in and I can't create a new user so I can't do anything with it. I think there is a problem with quality control.
  68. Brian,
    Thanks for the great product that you have made available. We have tested it and are excited about what we may be able to do with it. However I understand that there may be some questions before attempting a merge between an open source product with a hopefully commercial venture. I would appreciate a response to the 2 questions below.

    If we were to use LEP as the base and build a commercial product by extending it via our own portlets, does the entire product have to come under the purview of the copyright notice?
    We would like to retain the choice of what license to release our own additions/extensions?

    Secondly, is it acceptable if we were to disable some section of portlets - religion-based, games, non-business related news etc.?

    Thanks for your time.
  69. Could you consider generating meta tags for the site code, especially the opening pages?

    This seems to be a common failing on most dynamic websites, the absence of these tags result in a low search engine ranking.

    The keyword values could be edited via the Admin portlet.

  70. MIT/apache/bsd license[ Go to top ]

    MIT/apache/bsd licenses essentially mean, you can do whatever you want to it and resell it...
  71. Good work but ...[ Go to top ]

    Yes, This is a great project and properly it is the only EJB based (not just web components) open source portal project around. However, I am afraid to use it after I looked at the source codes.

    Better codes should be produced, J2EE patterns should also be applied in order to optimize the product, poor packaging will lead to bad code management, and much more ... cmp? double-checked locking???......

    Anyway, this is a good project and you guys have paid a lot of effort on it.
    Looking forward to see a improved version in the future.