When EJB HOME is Created ?? Please Help?


EJB programming & troubleshooting: When EJB HOME is Created ?? Please Help?

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    I am not a very advanced programmer ,so need help of expert of EJB.The EJB Home is created in the Container ,when it would be created ? When client looks up through the JNDI ,at that time what he gets Remote reference to Home Interface or Remote Reference to EJB HOME?
  2. EJBHome is created at the startup and then it's reference is registered in the JNDI tree. Think of the EJBHome as an object factory. The home.create() returns the reference of EJBObject.
  3. When you deploy your ejb in your server, several other files will be created by the server. Among these are stubs and skeletons of your remote home and remote interfaces. During server startup, your remote homes' stubs and skeletons are instantiated and the stubs are placed on the server's JNDI tree. For local ejbs, the classes that implement your home interfaces are also placed on you JNDI tree. When your client is a remote one, you retrieve your home's stub from the JNDI tree. When your client is local (could be another ejb), your home interface's implementation is retrieved from the tree.
  4. Thanks !!! Marco ....u cleared my doubts..thanks a lot