Oracle Submits Three New SPECJAppserver2001 Results


News: Oracle Submits Three New SPECJAppserver2001 Results

  1. Oracle has submitted three new results to the SPECJAppserver2001 benchmark (formerly known as ECperf). Oracle9iAS Release 2 was used in a dual node configuration as well as two clustered configurations, each result on different hardware. Oracle now has the best performance and $/performance in the DualNode and MultiNode categories.

    Check out the Latest SPECJAppserver2001 Results.
  2. i will apologize ahead of time for leaking yet more MS crap into this site, i won't do it again...

    but it just occurred to me, perhaps i am slow, how f*cking brilliant, and ruthless, MS can be...

    they can't compete in the SPECJ benchmarks, for obvious reasons, but they still need to reach out to medium and large sized corporate customers, to market the benefits of .NET

    so what do they do?

    they organize a "hit" against the J2EE platform in general, they cast doubt on the whole thing, and thereby attempt to render anything associated with J2EE, including SPECJ, irrelevant...

    lie, cheat, steal, whatever it takes...i am sure we have only seen the beginning...

    you have to admire the sheer ruthlessness of it...Machiavelli would be envious...

    anyway, sorry again...

    congrats to Oracle, your J2EE efforts kick butt!
    keep it up!

  3. Hi,

    I've some questions regarding the ranking (if it is one).

    As I see Pramati is leading the Dual Node category, even if they are far away from the Oracle performance and have double the price.

    So now, where are only 5 results have been submitted it is easy to get the best results by looking at it. But what if some more will be released? I really liked the ECPerf ordering by performance and price, even if they didn't distinguesh between the number of nodes.

    But if you only look at the table, the first impression is: Pramati leads the 2 node category. I vote for a ranking view!

  4. Agree with that!!

    Pramati does give the impression of leading the 2 node category!

    What do others think?

  5. Question:

    Spec J Appserver

    Is the J for Java? Why is there a need for J? Does TheServerSide plan to have:

    Spec DN Appserver ??

    DN = Dot Net ??
  6. Congrats Oracle!!
  7. Congratulations Oracle
  8. who cares?
  9. Right to the point!
  10. As Gentleman some time has to give up!
    Microsoft do it best, so it get the best
    they have resource to hit java community