It is very thankful someone can kindly provide insight into following questions

At installation of directory server which is part of installation of
iplanet app server, l need to assign id / password to following

* Administrator for the Configuration Directory Server (default is
* Administrator for the Directory Server directory data, this
"superuser" is
identified by the Directory Manager Distinguished Name (DN) (default is
"cn=Directory Manager / DManager").

The Configuration Directory Server is the part of the Directory Server
used to store configuration information. The Directory Server also
stores directory data.

What is the difference between these 2 accounts ? It seems that both are
administrator account . But config dir server seems part of the dir
server. The DN seems an entry in dir server and what is the purpose of
first account (admin of config dir server)
2) when l tried to kick off iplanet admin server as follows, l got
following errors
iplanet@node0 /d99/iplanet/ias6> start-admin
admin40_check_ds_availability_init(): WARNING: Configuration Directory
Server is down or unreachable (Can't contact LDAP server)
Info: Cache expiration set to 600 seconds
Warning! admin40_task_eval_init(): unable to set User/Group baseDN
iPlanet-WebServer-Enterprise/4.1SP3 BB1-09/17/2000 01:08
startup: listening to
<> , port 28498 as iplanet
Although, it is warned that the configuration LDAP server seemed down.
But l could find the LDAP server using "ps" command and l checked the
log file for LDAP service, it seemed ok.

iplanet@node0 /d99/iplanet/ias6> ps -ef | grep
 iplanet 9519 9450 0 14:45:48 pts/2 0:00 grep slapd
 iplanet 9376 1 0 13:02:39 ? 0:01 ./ns-slapd -D
/d99/iplanet/ias6/slapd-xyz -i /d99/iplanet/ias6/slapd-web

Log file content:
[14/Nov/2002:13:02:39 +0800] - iPlanet-Directory/5.0 ServicePack 1
5 starting up
[14/Nov/2002:13:02:40 +0800] - slapd started. Listening on all
interfaces port
389 for LDAP requests

Any idea about the failure to reach the configuration dir server ????

many thanks !