can i use apache and tomcat in production environment


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: can i use apache and tomcat in production environment

  1. In our development we are using only jsp/ it productive to use apache-tomcat in production environment.what all are the limitations in apache-tomcat.please provide better solution
  2. 60 out of 100 servers on the Internet run Apache or an Apache based web server (source Netcraft survey, November 2002 data).

    46 out of 50 longest running sites (all running for more than 2 years, uninterrupted) run on Apache (source Netcraft longest uptimes). is running on Apache (source Netcraft).

    Good enough for you?
  3. I think most will agree Apache is proven technology. But the real question is *should* Tomcat be run in a production environment, as opposed to Resin, JRun, etc. My understanding is that Tomcat is a reference implementation of the spec, and not optimized for performance, scalability, etc. I've heard it "scales very poorly". However, I do not have evidence to back that up. Can anyone provide some real data on this?
    Jason Thomas