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    JUnitEE is a simple extension to JUnit which allows standard test cases to be run from within a J2EE application server.

    Check out JUnitEE.

    New in this release:

    - JUnitEE servlet provides threaded mode for long running tests. This avoids timeouts and gives the possibility to stop test execution.
    - JUnitEEThreadedServlet which has threaded mode on by default.
    - juniteewar task now extends the Ant war task and therefore inherits all it's features.
    - junitee task supports all relevant features of the junit task (formatters, if/unless conditions for test execution, stack trace filtering)

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    great...one more to my list of thousand to learn.

    Does anyone has experience with it?
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    Yes, I have been using JUNitEE for over a year, and it is terrific. Tests run so much faster when they are executing inside the web container than when they are running from a remote client. And all you need to execute tests is a web browser, not a complete JUnit installation.

    I actually run a modified version that executes the tests within the bean container, rather than the web container, because of some transactional semantics issues. But I'm interested in checking out the improved interface features of version 1.6
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    Sounds like Cactus with the ability to output test results in HTML rather than the standard JUnit output. Am I missing something???
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    Hi Jim,

    To clarify a bit:
    - JUnitEE is not a test framework. It is purely a JUnit Test Runner that allows you to execute your tests on the server side.
    - Cactus is a testing framework and provides close integration with the Servlet/JSP/Filter/Taglib and EJB APIs(there's still room for improvements for EJB :-)). JunitEE can be run as a Cactus Test Runner (see the Cactus web site for more information).
    - At the moment Cactus also has a Servlet Test Runner (exactly the same purpose as JunitEE) which also allows to output Cactus tests in HTML in addition to other possible outputs.
    - I've been working with the JunitEE guys to get a good Cactus/JunitEE integration. I'm also in favor of bundling JunitEE in the Cactus distribution in the future, and potentially replace the Cactus Servlet Test Runner.

    I hope it helped and has not muddied the water ;-)

    (Cactus committer)
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    I am new to JUnitEE.Where I can find a procedure on how to make a testcase using JUnitEE.
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    I am really interested in getting your (Corby) fix for the spring container. Can you share the code or how you did that. I am trying to use JUnitEE from a Spring MVC web application and do not have access to the beans. Thank you
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    I've used JUnitEE on a couple of small projects. The greatest thing is the simplicity! There is just about nothing new to learn, just use it!

    The ant tasks that has been added in the latest releases makes it even easier to use.

    Aksel Hilde