New Site Aggregates Java Book Info


News: New Site Aggregates Java Book Info

  1. provides information on Java books that you can order online. It currently collects information from via their web service end points.

    The Web site classifies books by major themes such as "Enterprise Java", that are further detailed in specific topics such as "EJB", JDBC", etc. The Web site is entirely automated and refreshed every hour in order to ensure accurate pricing information. It uses a set of filters on the Java books collected from the XML streams in order to classify them accurately. It is a first version that still needs to be beefed up (I still need to manage missing pictures of book cover pages, for example). However, I think it is still quite enjoyable as it stands now. This announcement is also the occasion to gather feedback and suggestions of enhancements.

    The Web site:

  2. It would be great if this site aggregated information from other technical sources, such as,, etc. Then we could compare prices :)
  3. All we need is for the other sites to provide access to their inventory via web services as well...:)
  4. This would be nice, indeed. Hopefully, other on-line stores will take example on Amazon and provide the same type of service. Another aspect is that a common/universal (XML) format should be agreed upon to describe catalogs. Otherwise, comparisons may quickly become tricky. This semantic aspect of Web services is actually - in my opinion - the next big challenge now that the base technologies are available.

    Bertrand Fontaine
  5. It would be nice if some book reviews were included in the book details page, or a link to Amazon's book details page where you could find reviews and extra information (table of contents, sample chapters, etc...).

  6. Hi Glen. It may happen that no book review is provided on JavaShelf for some titles. This only happens, however, when no book review is available from Amazon itself. I plan on adding editorial reviews in a near future.

    Bertrand Fontaine
  7. Pretty nice looking and well organized site!
  8. Oh Yes,Preety nice looking and decent..BUT wheres the link to its Home?..i mean once i dig deep into the site how do i get back to the first page?..using browsers back button?isnt it sheer nuisance?
  9. Useful site but we don't all live in the USA. Could there be a way of allowing us to link to our local Amazon?
  10. Hello! I am not living in the USA myself, so I understand your concern. Hopefully, Amazon will expand its affiliate program and Javashelf will have the opportunity to list Java books in French to order from (for example).

    Bertrand Fontaine