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    hi, if i am writing the function in jsp progrom when i compile that it compiles to servlet and can u plz tell me where this function will be there either in init() or service() method. It is asked me in interview i said it will go in service method but that person said that can u write method inside the method.

    Plz i am confuse.

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    It will neither be init() nor service(). You can't have function within a function in Java. When you declare a function in JSP (via the <%! %> tag) , it will go inside the class of the compiled servlet.

    <%@ page language="Java" %>
        public void myMethod(String message) {

    will result in something like this in the generated servlet :

    public class test_jsp extends HttpJspBase {
        public void myMethod(String message) {

        // Some other code ..