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    Hi, Can anybody suggest performance tools available to check performance of EJBs,Servlets or for that matter any java code.

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    by far the best one I have used is JProbe

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    Hi Filip,
    Thanx for the reply.
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    There is one called Bean-test , but I am not sure how good it is.
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    You might also try the builtin profiling available in the JVM and use a tool such as HPjmeter to display the output. Generally, the overhead can be quite a bit lower than with some of the other tools available on the market.
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    Check out Introscope from Wily Technology it lets you monitor your EJB components in a production environment - as well as QA...


    · Live component level application monitoring
    · Threshold settings and alert notification
    · Historical analysis
    · Integrates with existing system management products
    · Enables monitoring of 3rd party Java components
    · ZERO development impact