Oracle's CEO Considering Buying BEA?


News: Oracle's CEO Considering Buying BEA?

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    According to Reuters, in a recent inteview with Barron's, Larry Ellison was quoted as saying Oracle might buy BEA at the right price, but cautioned, "We're nowhere there. We would benefit from buying them, but not much, and that's the problem."

    Read Oracle CEO is bullish on company outlook -Barron's.

    Does this mean Oracle has given up on trying to catch BEAS in the app server space by pushing its own OC4J product? If ORCL throws in the hat, will that start a bidding war for BEAS by HP and SUNW also?

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    Can we stop posting this type of material. Is the content worth a news, if at all worth discussing. What I understand is there is no deal. Then why should one bother. I think we should stop paying attention to spin-doctors.
    I think we need to have some kinda editorial review here like in slashdot before posting to public.
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      A rating process is something that has been suggested and we think is a good idea (and are looking into). Currently, the TSS news moderation and posting team manually edits and approves each piece of news we find or is posted. We probably actually post about a third to half of the news that gets submitted, do to quality control.

      I also didn't think that this news was that 'worthy' when I saw it either, not because the idea itself is not important, but because it is sensationalist and might not ever happen.

      However, TSS is dedicated to keeping our end users informed on anything that could affect them as enterprise developers. We balance that dedication with a desire to avoid less-meaty sensationalist news. Sometimes these two 'forces' become contradictory, and we have to choose a path that balances them in a way that we think is best for our readers. This post was such an example.

      However, since you are an enduser, your comment is noted and will be weighed in for future news moderations.

    Floyd Marinescu
    TSS Director
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    you might want to consider introducing different topics, such as "product announcements", "technology annoucements" etc.. Sometime we get three or four product announcements that have one message each and it bumps more interesting stuff off the radar.
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    I think it's good idea.
    I suggest TSS use an already existing open source code base like SlashCode to such functionality. Not that I don't like the existing look and feel of TSS but think all the functionality that the end users want is already existing in a freely available product.
    This might even save some money for TSS and we don't have to go to a subscription based model in future :)
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    If the words came out of someone else's mouth I would have ignored it totally. However, it was the CEO of ORCL who suggested that buying BEAS at the right price would make some sense to his company. That comment to me has a lot of implications if you read between the lines. If you don't think much of it, then just ignore it.
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    I agree with Eric, the infomation came from Larry Ellison, this makes it credible.

    However, if it came from some analyst like the folks from Gartner, then why bother.

    Floyd, funny how all of the sudden you're worried about "valid" information...
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    It sounds like you are in favor of censorship. Please just ignore things you do not approve of and let the other readers judge for themselves.

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    I am not for censorship I wish I could hear news that has some stuff in it and not some random speculations and rumours.
    I'm seeing more of this kind in TSS lately.
    For eg. the news about thr rumour M$ buying Borland,
    X considering having a thought about actually thinking to buy company C.
    Gimme a break.