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    Can i use static call inside my ejb? is it advisable ?

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    u can not do that
    bc the life of the ejb is not controlled by you ,but the continer
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    There is no problem with calling static methods in EJB. If the static code reads static member fields, you shold not depend on them being shared by all EJB components. That is, two EJBs may access the same static field but see different values (either because they use a different class loader or because they are loaded in seperate VMs).

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    I think even if two class loaders load two different EJBs still run in the same VM.
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    but different namespaces.
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    Hey gal...
    could you explain this concept in detail??

    thanks in advance,
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    What concept? The fact that EJBs should not depend on sharing semantics of static fields, or how classloaders can make two beans in a VM see different values for a static field?