Trifork Enterprise Application Server v3.2 Released


News: Trifork Enterprise Application Server v3.2 Released

  1. Trifork has released the Trifork Enterprise Application Server 3.2, a full blown J2EE 1.3 certified server with new features including a built-in web-based Application Profiler that utilizes only 5% overhead (thus allowing it to be used in production environments), a JSR 77 based graphical management console, etc.

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    The new version also bundles JDBC Drivers from DataDirect Technologies for all major databases, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, and Informix. Trifork has chosen to bundle the DataDirect drivers because they are fully compliant and rigorously tested.

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  2. Trifork Enterprise Server: $15,000/cpu
    Support: 20% surcharge, recurring annually
    Support that requires 'personal contact': $150/hr

    An unsustainable business model: Priceless
  3. Pricing model is not right....[ Go to top ]

    There are already proven app servers in the 15k price range (BEA, IBM etc).

    I guess "sun certifying" your product is not cheap!

    This pricing model will not needs to be server based instead of CPU based....and the price should be in the $500 to $999 range.

    I could be wrong.... :-)
  4. No, the maintenance is 20% annually, no support with that.

  5. PRICING[ Go to top ]

    Licensing and support cost is very high...when appl.servers are becoming a commodity!

    JRun is $ 899 and Looks like even If I subscribe to JBoss support for a clustered 4 or 8 CPU (free) eployment,it will be cost effective