The Business Logic Designer enables WebSphere developers to declaratively specify business logic as business objects and rules. Because the business logic of enterprise applications is more frequently changed than any other part of an application, this declarative approach enables developers to meet the nonstop demand for change - and the nonstop demand to accelerate the development cycle. Developers using the Versata Business Logic Designer focus on business functionality rather than complex J2EE and EJB issues - a focus which engenders bottom line benefits for the IT organization and for the business.

While complementing the J2EE-centric development facilities within WebSphere Studio, the Business Logic Designer offers:

Simplification of J2EE Development - Designing and developing at a business logic level rather than the Java hand-coding level yields dramatic reductions in both time-to-develop and time-to-maintain. That same business logic design/development paradigm also reduces the errors inherent in Java hand-coded logic. Because logic specifications align closely with a project's business requirements, unclear and/or incomplete requirements are identified early in the development cycle when changes have the least impact.

Increased Collaboration - By working at a business specification level, rather than at the coding level, business analysts can more directly and actively participate in application development and maintenance. With a common language, IT and business can collaborate in building business logic services that can be quickly changed as the business needs demand, either in response to customer needs, competitive pressures, and/or economic conditions.

Cost Effectiveness - The Business Logic Designer's value add extends far beyond the pure development cycle. For example, developers with diverse backgrounds are able to get up to speed faster when using business semantics versus the time and effort needed to learn the intricacies of Java hand-coding. Consequently, less experienced developers often become very productive, very quickly - which in turn, frees more experienced J2EE/EJB developers for assignments involving the more technically-demanding segments of an application. Furthermore, business logic encoded as high-level business specifications also provides a self-documenting repository of the company's business logic assets.

Scalability - Designed from the ground up for high-performance, the Versata Logic Server provides the runtime environment for the Business Logic Designer. While leveraging the power of WebSphere Application Server, the Versata Logic Server enables companies to improve their business processes by getting the right information to all of the people within rigorous time constraints.

Adaptability - By starting from declarative specifications, the Business Logic Designer delivers business logic services that are flexible and easy to change. It enables companies to protect investments in business relationships - by making it easy to change business rules, companies are not constantly re-introducing their customers (internal or external) to "new" applications or manual processes; rather, they can easily update applications they have in place.