J2EE BookStore Sample Application Announced


News: J2EE BookStore Sample Application Announced

  1. Bright Side Factory introduces the BookStore, an e-commerce demo application built with Bright Side Factory’s open-source J2EE framework, BS Framework.

    Following similar projects like Sun’s Petstore or the Xpetstore, the BookStore aims at demonstrating how to use open-source frameworks to quickly build J2EE applications, but also shows that fat Swing clients are easy to implement on an extranet with Webstart and the use of a HTTP firewall-friendly communication layer.

    The BookStore is 100% open-source, and its implementation relies on JBoss, mySQL and open-source frameworks like Castor, Log4J, foxtrot and BS Framework.

    Check it out at http://www.bs-factory.org

    It is interesting to see an application using a rich client, especially since Swing often gets a bad rap

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  2. this demo rocks, it's about time we consider using rich java clients for enterprise applications. The Swing GUI is much more flexible than a HTML one could be. And the performance is good, thanks to client-side cache. Especially on search results table, I could page down and be positionned on the item I wanted in seconds (instead of hitting "next page" hyperlink a dozen times as you have to in a HTML design !).

    Definitely a 3-tier architecture worth trying. This framework could help a lot building such apps.
  3. Deployment Issues[ Go to top ]

    Trouble with apps of this sort is the deployment issues inherent in any Swing deployment. The Bookstore app does not run on my machine in either IE or Moz, and I do have Web Start installed. The advantage of HTML based thin clients is that these configuration issues are avoided (at the cost of the interface, of course).

    An excellent choice where you control the environment though.
  4. a different feeling...[ Go to top ]

    I didn't have any trouble to use it. Could it be a version issue? I have the latests so...

    For my part I was impressed to see this type of application so easily launched from an internet browser. After the 1.4M download you get to search for books and manage your cart without having to browse a hundred pages and loose yourself. I agree that those deployement issues solved, the bookstore shows that a web client is not, from far, the only solution for an online application.

    I would add that being able to scroll through thousands of books with so few latency is another good surprise that I hadn't expect even from a swing client :).
  5. Deployment Issues[ Go to top ]

    I have logged in successfully, but application have never pass "Loading ...." window.

    I use IE6/JDK 1.4.1_01 and access Internet through NAT (masquerading) gateway.
  6. Deployment Issues[ Go to top ]

    this problem is probably due to a time out on the server side. We are currently investigating it. Thanks for your feedback.
    For information, since yesterday, 400+ users have tested the BookStore.
  7. Deployment Issues[ Go to top ]

    I have logged in successfully, but application have

    >never pass "Loading ...." window.

    I have the same problem, too. I am behind a firewall, but WEB start applications
    from SUN works very well.

  8. Hangs at "Loading..."[ Go to top ]

    I get the same problem (1200hrs GMT 26 March 2003).

    I am also behind a firewall, but HTTP traffic is allowed. Also, other webstart apps run without problems.

    Initially, I did have a problem where the JNLP files were for some reason not associated with javaws.exe on my Win2k machine. Reinstalling the JDK or webstart made no difference to this, which I see as a huge potential deployment issue for this type of application.

  9. LOADING Problem solved[ Go to top ]


    Just a quick mail to tell you that the loading problem is now solved. It was related to the ClassLoader managment by JavaWeb start. You can check the bug on java WebStart #4665132 (http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/bugParade/bugs/4665132.html but loggin needed). Obviously this bug is known, closed but still not fixed...

    The new BookStore version (v1.1 (build 1)) takes care of this problem and I hope that you'll give it another try for those of you that were blocked in the loading screen.

    Have fun,

    MAGDELENAT Philippe
    http://www.bs-factory.com - http://www.bs-factory.org
  10. Deployment Issues[ Go to top ]

    If you have Web Start installed, it should run, and you don't need your browser.

    I think the focus for such application is "enterprise", intranet and extranet. You combine the flexibility and scalability of a J2EE server with a smart client that can handle complex screen layouts and client-side code.

    Whenever you are 1) working in an intranet or (and that's the amazing point for me, that the demo proves so well) in an extranet, i.e. when you have a business relationship with your users and 2) deploying an enterprise application that goes beyond a few fields and buttons, then Swing clients are a much better solution than HTML.

    I think this architecture could be a smart choice for Application Service Providers.
  11. GREAT WORKS![ Go to top ]

    I hate html/dhtml/javascript

    I think java webstart is good solution.but it's not enought.

    bit down b/s artchit
  12. Hello,

    I was searching since few days for a solution allowing me to use a huge Swing client with performance.

    Your bookstore application has really convinced me but now I have some constraints.

    Is there a possibility to use PDA Swing applications with your server ?
    I know that you develop with the jdk1.4. I think that it's the future of, not only huge java clients for computers, but also huge java clients for PDA.
    You must know that PDA uses JDK1.1.* applications. Will it work with the jdk1.1 and the RMI profile of J2ME ?

    Thank you
  13. Hi,

    The bookstore demo tries to show the most interesting components of our framework and propose the webstart deployment associated with an http communication layer (wich uses Dynamic Proxy from jdk 1.3).

    This deployment scenario is not the only possible one and you can pick up some of our components like the List Of Values, the Remote Iterator, or the client architecture without using the http communication layer.

    We use a different service factories depending on the deployment scenario and the development of a RmiMeServiceFactory shouldn't be such a problem.

    Gaetan Zoritchak
    Bright Side Factory
  14. Install[ Go to top ]

    How to install this demo,and see it work!!
    help.I have JBoss3.0.6
  15. Install[ Go to top ]

    the install document will be released very soon.
    Stay tuned on the forums at http://www.bs-factory.org/
  16. BookStore download load link[ Go to top ]

    I'm new to this. I cannot figure out how to download the Bookstore demo. I don't see a link.