BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 GA Released


News: BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 GA Released

  1. BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 GA Released (11 messages)

    BEA today announced the General Availability of WebLogic 8.1. Some of the interesting changes include certified J2EE 1.3 support, JDK 1.4 logging, OASIS' WS-Security, SOAP 1.2, quicker build-deploy cycle, new sample application,
    $495 price point for WebLogic Express (down from $3000), better JMX-based monitoring/management capabilities, reliable message delivery and more.

    Checkout BEA Weblogic 8.1.

    New features are listed/summarized in these articles:
    WebLogic Server 8.1 Features and Changes
    Introducing Weblogic 8.1 by WL Product Manager Jim Rivera

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  2. Unified, Easy to Use, Development Environment and Programming Model

    I think it's just "Server" that was released - not "Platform" (which includes Workshop). I sincerely hope they release a beta2 on the platform if GA is still months away... there are still many moving targets in "beta" which makes planning / developing for it a challenge.

  3. I just installed it, this "server" version includes Workshop beta.
  4. hmmm - Solaris install didn't :(
  5. 64 bit Version?[ Go to top ]

    Any thoughts about 64 bit version support?
  6. 64 bit Version?[ Go to top ]

    You don't say what 64-bit version you had in mind.

    WebLogic Server 8.1 Technology Preview for Red Hat Linux AS (2.1, 64-bit)
    is available on the download page (
    just below the entry for WebLogic Server 8.1.
  7. 64 bit Version?[ Go to top ]

    Final release for Red Hat Linux and Solaris. Will it be any time soon?
  8. 64 bit Version?[ Go to top ]

    BEA currently is planning support for RedHat AS64, in July of 2003 and
    Solaris 64 bit support is in plan but not yet scheduled. However it is
    important to note that this does not represent a commitment from BEA
    and is subject to change.
  9. BPEL4WS support[ Go to top ]

    Does anyone know when WLI 8.1 will *really* support BPEL? IBM, Microsoft and Collaxa already have been are or shortly about to ship such products.


  10. WL Trial[ Go to top ]

    I'll go ahead and ask a really stupid question, but is it possible to use WL for non-commerical purposes (e.g. personal development, hosting personal non-commerciall applications) for free? I'd love to tinker with it so I can put it on my resume.
  11. WL Trial[ Go to top ]

    I'd love to tinker with it so I can put it on my resume.

    You can tinker with it during trial period. It's long enaugh for that.

  12. WL Trial[ Go to top ]

    BEA now offers free development licenses. See