Communication between Iplanet webserver and weblogic Appserver6.


EJB design: Communication between Iplanet webserver and weblogic Appserver6.

  1. Hi All,
                 Can anyone help me to find out the details procedure for communicating the iplanet webserver and Weblogic appserver.

    2. How to activate the jsp pages in the iplanet webserver, since i have not worked extensivley on webserver. Pls help me out in this issue.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. 1) Look for a plugin b/w IPlanet and WebLogic for communication. Ensure that it works.
    2) Learn about structure of WAR files. That is basically what you need to configure your web server. Best way is to look at Tomcat and its documentation to deploy web apps. IPlanet (Sun ONE now) should be no different from it.
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    Thanks for your help and spending time to help me out

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  5. I can give you all the information that you need. We are currently using IPlanet webserver as a proxy for static data (HTML, PDF, images, etc.) while all other requests are routed to weblogic and handled by the application server.

    First, you will need to install IPlanet webserver. Let say that you have IPlanet running at the following address: http://andromeda:8080, and, let's say that you have a WL managed server at http://orion:9027, on which your application is currently deployed and running.

    You need to configure IPlanet with the correct plugin. If you are running IPlanet on UNIX, then find the file named "" in your WL installation (It's there, just look for it) If you are running IPlanet on Windows, then you will need a file named "proxy36.dll", which does not come with WL 6, but I have it, and I can email it to you (It's only about 500K).

    Anyway, when you get either file, copy it to the following directory...


    Now, go to the "config" directory of your Iplanet webserver (not the admin server), and open the file named "obj.conf". At the top of the file where there are "Init" commands, add the following two lines....

    Init fn="load-modules" shlib="[full-path-to-plugin-file]" funcs="wl_proxy,wl_init"
    Init fn="wl_init"

    Make sure you specify the full path to the plugin file for [full-path-to-plugin-file].

    At the bottom of the file, add the folllowing...

    <Object name="myApp" ppath="*/MYAPP/*">
    Service fn="wl_proxy" WebLogicHost="orion" WebLogicPort="9027"

    THis tells Iplanet how to route requests to Weblogic based on the "MYAPP" pattern. All URI's starting with "/MYAPP" are handled by this configuration.

    Hold that thought for one moment, you need to also set up a static folder for your application on IPlanet. Create a directory called "myApp" (this must match the name specified above for the "name" attribute), at the following location...


    You can create additional folders under the "myApp" directory to accomodate different types of static data, such as an "images" directory for images.

    Keep in mind that IPlanet will automatically forward a request to Weblogic provided that the request URI starts with the pattern that matched the "ppname" attribute above, therefore, all requests must start with "/MYAPP/*.

    Try that out and email me if you have problems, I'm sick of typing for now :-P

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        Thank you so much for your reply and really delighted with ur detail explanation. Thank you so much for your patience. My mail id is mohamed_rafii at yahoo dot co dot uk. Pls do forward me the file, since our development environment is windows platform. Where as Unix environment is Unix.

  7. Thanks for this! 6 years on and this thread has been invaluable for me to understand how this communication is done. I'm just adding this link, in case someone (like me) needs further details of the Iplanet 4.1 obj.conf weljo