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News: OpenCMS version 5.0 final available

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    OpenCMS is an Open Source Website Content Management System that helps to create and manage complex websites easily without knowledge of html. OpenCms 5.0 comes with a new template mechanism based on JSP and taglibs.

    Check out OpenCMS 5.

    OpenCms 5.0 is Open Source software published under the LGPL license.

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  2. At first glance this project looks great, and seems to have all the bases covered. The best thing about the project is it uses JSP for its templates, and is built in Java. I can't wait to read the full docs and see what else this project can do. I wonder how well a Struts based web app will integrate with an OpenCMS website.

    Good job guys!
    Vignette look out
  3. Rob,
    For working with OpenCMS and Struts, look at

    We make applications into OpenCMS Modules, This makes Application delivery very easy.

    Anil K Patel
  4. Anil,
    What is your email ? I got opencms to work with Apache and oracle. I have a few questions with struts integration. I would love to have this working with weblogic. Unfortunately, I have this apache-oro*.jar problem. Weblogic seems to havve an older version of this expression parsing library. Also, it looks like I am forced to run everything within the opencms application to use the cms. What if I have a different application (Already running under a different url) that I need manage content for ?
    Thanks a lot. By the way, I did look at the website you suggested. We are serious about this integration as well.
  5. What you can do is add the latest oro.jar to the front of the Weblogic system classpath. We've done this successfully for some of our libraries dependent on ORO and everything works fine.

  6. directory structure.[ Go to top ]

    How do you set your weblogic directory structure to use opencms ?
  7. opencms and oracle[ Go to top ]

    how do you configure opencms with oracle database ? I did not see any documentation for this kind of configuration.
  8. opencms and oracle[ Go to top ]

    OpenCMS installation wizard will give you option to choose database.
  9. mmbase[ Go to top ]

    also look at
  10. opencms and weblogic[ Go to top ]

    I still havve not got got as far with installation because I am trying it with weblogic SP2.
  11. opencms and weblogic[ Go to top ]

    Were you able to install it on weblogic sp2? Please let me know incase if you have since I am also facing same problem.


  12. Nukes ob JBoss CMS[ Go to top ]

    Look at Nukes on JBoss, this is an open source port of the popular Postnuke project, It powers the new website flawlessly for 2 months.

    Featuring user/group management, security rules and pluggable components : user management module, html module with versionning, blog module, faq module, etc...
    Of course , it's all written in java and runs on JBoss 3.2.0 + mysql. Other database support to come.

    We have a remote flash communication framework that enable flash component to interract with Nukes.

    The release is very soon and you have full access to our CVS at sourceforge.

  13. Nukes ob JBoss CMS[ Go to top ]


    thank you very much for the information, it's very interesting. In the PHP world
    there are a lot of options about nukes, and having one Java based is
    without a doubt a good thing.

    Now, the rant. I believe a nuke *is not* a Content Management System or if it is a kind of, it is playing in a different league, not better nor worse. Just
    looking at the features of things like OpenCMS or PHP based Midgard Project and I think we're talking about different beasts: content publishing, document versioning, publishing workflow. Nukes are in my opinion, more like community builders.


  14. I installed it last night and it looks very good... I really like the WSYWIG editor. I think alot of browser-based apps suffer in this area in particular: in wanting to be totally neutral, they opt to make the users use straight HTML which is tedious and a big turn-off for non-techies. Of course, there's the option for using a Swing applet for this type of thing but that has it's own problems. So, I really like this feature.

    I thought I read that the editor only works on IE and Netscape? Am I correct that it will not work with Mozilla? There's another free WYSWIG HTML editor out there at . It's very cool and it works with IE and, not Netscape, but Mozilla. I accept that these kinds of tools won't be compatible with every browser but if I had the choice of IE and one other browser, I would prefer Mozilla over Netscape.

  15. Been to the site. Looks interesting. But. Why is there a WYSIWIG editors only for windows environments.
  16. The latest version of Mozilla (1.3) now includes support for replacing a textarea with a rich text component. There is a sample somewhere on the website. Also, check out, which has a really nice cross-browser (IE & Mozilla) WYSIWYG script (currently alpha I think).
  17. Looks like I'm SOL. I'm on Linux and I use NS-7
  18. Does this not work on NS-7? Anyway, you can use Mozilla on Linux. ;-)
  19. <May 9, 2003 2:34:16 PM CDT> <Error> <HTTP> <BEA-101017> <[ServletContext(id=12771306,name=opencms,c
    ontext-path=/opencms)] Root cause of ServletException.
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.oro.text.perl.Perl5Util.substitute(Ljava/lang/StringBuffer;L
            at com.opencms.flex.util.CmsResourceTranslator.translateResource(

    Does anyone know what needs to be done here ?

  20. Weblogic and opencms[ Go to top ]

    Put the jakarta-ora-...jar file in the start of your classpath
  21. I am facing the same problem on deploying it into weblogic 8.1 Kindly let me know incase you have found a solution.
  22. Pretty good...[ Go to top ]

    Last week we evaluated OpenCMS as a target CMS for the migration of several medium size extranets.

    - all Java
    - pretty good and comprehensive documentation (!)
    - single deployable war
    - pretty much everything can be done over the web
    - OSS-license
    - pretty good "management console"
    - can do staging, preview, versioning

    - really likes IE (but can work with phoenix or mozilla at least partially)
    - feels a bit "closed" (i.e. hard to integrate into a heterogeneous landscape)

    We didn't choose it because it doesn't have a pluggable user management module yet, but overall, it is well worth the time looking at it. Congrats to the authors.

        Henrik Klagges
  23. PGSQL[ Go to top ]

    Still no support for PostgreSQL :-(

    I don't want setup additional DBMS on my server.
  24. Check out WSP[ Go to top ]

    Another excellent open source CMS type product in Java is called Web Services Publisher. It has excellent support for Velocity, XLM/XSLT, and JSP, a nifty
    browser based XML editor, and WYSIWYG HTML editing for IE *AND* Mozilla (1.3+).

    Check it out at