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News: xPetstore 3.1 Released

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    xPetstore 3.1 has been released. xPetstore is a re-implementation of the Sun Microsystem PetStore based on xDoclet that shows how to build WODRA (Write Once, Deploy and Run Anywhere).

    xPetstore is a great sample application for learning J2EE platform. It covers the following topics:
      - EJB 2.0, CMP, CMR
      - Servlet
      - Web Filters
      - JSP TagLibs

    xPetstore has been implemented using 2 approaches:
    - A pure EJB solution based on JSP, Struts, Sitemesh, EJB 2.0 and CMP 2.0
    - A Servlet solution based on Velocity, WebWork, Sitemesh, POJO and Hibernate

    Check out xPetstore at http://xpetstore.sourceforge.net

    This news follows that of TMC announcing a framework for case studies, using PetStore

    Both solutions have been deployed and tested on the following platforms:
        - Operating System:
              o Linux
              o Windows
        - Application Servers:
              o JBoss 3.x
              o WebLogic 7.x
              o Orion 2.x
        - Databases:
              o Hypersonic SQL
              o PostgreSQL
              o SapDB
              o MySQL
              o Oracle
              o MS SQL Server
              o Firebird

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  2. I do like the xPetstore implementation however i believe in the servlet implementation you should had put the business logic in some POJO classes rather than in the WW actions, IMHO, it's not good practice to put your business logic directly in your actions even if for the case of WW it's not that bad because WW actions are not tied with any J2EE container.

    Beside this minor issue, pretty good work and well documented.
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