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      I am developing a project based on EJB1.1 and it should be functional by the end of february 2001.I was going thru the specifications for EJB2.0 and I found sea change as far as CMPs were concerned .My project has almost all CMPs and few session beans.I was wondering by the time the product rolls out ; EJB1.1 may be history.
      What do u guys think of it?Its giving me sleepless nights cause the design is going to change drastically because of the concept of dependent objects.How much time before EJBserver companies market production version of EJB2.0.
      Thanks in advance for any advice.

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     I agree with you, its gonna be a tough decision to make. Keeping in mind the deadline for your project, I would suggest you settle for EJB 1.1 based server. As far as I know only Bea and Pramati have released Beta servers implementing EJB 2.0. Neither of them still fully support all the features specified in 2.0 especially the CMP part and support for dependant objects. I think it will take a couple of months before full-fledged and proven EJB 2.0 servers hit the market. For the above reasons, you should probably go ahead with EJB 1.1

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    Hi Jack,
       u can coolly go ahead with ur system development based on EJB 1.1. I think at this stage, it is very difficult to design ur system for EJB 2.0. Sun has said strictly in it's EJB 2.0 specification that, all the app servers that support EJB 2.0 should also have a container for EJB 1.1 CMP's for backward compatibility. I think this assurance can give the courage u need. Now take a breath and sleep well.

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