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    Hi All,

    Suppose the requirement is like the following:

    The process needs to do some processing synchronously and also do some processing which can be done asynchronously.

    There is no external system/interfaces involved. Every piece of code can be written in Java (Websphere3.5) .

    What should be the preferred choice? Simple JMS Queue or MQSeries remote queue? What is the advantage and disadvantage of running the consumer also in save JVM and in another JVM ?( as well as in another App Server instance).

    Thanks & Regards

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    Simple JMS Queue would be preferrable.
    The location of the consumer should not be a problem. If that is the case, JMS goes down the drain!
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    I think the embedded JMS provider in WAS is ok.
    MQSeries has advantage in its functions.However,if those functions are too powerful or too complex to you app,then an embedded JMS provider may work well.Because it is integrated with WAS and there's no need for you to install a dependent MQSeries.The complicated configuration and management is also a problem.For a debuging or small scale environment,embedded JMS provider works pretty well.