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    i would like to know if any of u guys have worked with JSPs on Weblogic.

    I have some problem with it... i am using <jsp:useBean> tag and while i give the class="some class", iam unable to make out where to put these classes in weblogic and how to map them or set some path with it.. i have gone thru the complete doc.. but found nothing relevent.. also i tried putting class files in the "classes" subdirectory and at some places for hit-n-try purpose..

    can some one help ??
  2. You should put the root directory of your bean in weblogic.class.path. WL recommend you put these independent client side classes under "%WL_HOME%\myserver\clientclasses".

    Good lucky

  3. Class files shold be availbale in myserver/serverclasses.

    <jsp:useBean id="tt" class="class root path" scope="session"/>


  4. I think you should put server side classes (Application Server, not HTTP server) to "\myserver\serverclasses", and clientside classes (clients which invoke Application Server) to "\myserver\clientclasses". According to the Servlet 2.2 specification, the utility classes used by JSPs or Servets should be put to "myserver\WEB-INFO\classes\", and the utility jars under "myserver\WEB-INFO\lib".

    Any way this is only the convention. In order to let the <jsp:useBean> tag find the class, you got put the class under class path visible by the JVM classLoader.