Gosling Raving about Java and Introduces new Research license


News: Gosling Raving about Java and Introduces new Research license

  1. James Gosling, has been strolling the grounds at the JavaOne 2003 here applauding the work that developers have been doing. He is iconic, and people to love to hear about what he is doing.... even though he has said that he hasn't really done much with Java in the last 2 years.

    He has been talking about the future, and unveilled a new Java Research License, to help the academic community work with Java.


    Read about the new Java Research License

    Read more about where
    Sun is trying to go.

    Read Gosling's new java.net blog
  2. He seemed to be really commited to push http://www.java.net.

    It was also pretty cool to see him update his blog while he sat in the front row.

  3. Java.net (especially javapedia) may be a great idea. But the Terms of Service (TOS) I have to agree to, before being able to contribute are insane.
    Same goes for the stuff I have to agree to before I can use/download the Java logo to link to the J2SE.

    SUN (tm), come on, if you want me to contribute don't ask me to sell my soul to you in advance.

    I already can see the answers to this: "They need to protect themselves", "Everybody does that today", "These are TOS like all else". Still, I don't want to take the risk that is included in these TOS. See SCO vs. Linux/IBM right now and you know why. I think if SUN wants the community to contribute they should take their part of the risk. I won't contribute to java.net under these TOS.