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News: Apache AXIS 1.1 Released

  1. Apache AXIS 1.1 Released (12 messages)

    The Apache Axis team is pleased to announce that version 1.1 of the Axis SOAP

    The 1.1 release includes many improvements from 1.0, including:

    - Increased WSDL/schema support
    - Improved SOAP 1.2 support
    - More transports (JMS/SMTP)
    - Support for COM/CORBA/RMI objects as backends
    - bug fixes: including bulletproofing against cross-site scripting and XML
    entity inclusion attacks

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  2. Apache AXIS 1.1 Released[ Go to top ]

    This is Great! kudos to Axis team.
  3. Apache AXIS 1.1 Released[ Go to top ]

    Anyone know how well AXIS jives with the latest draft of WS-I Basic Profile?
  4. Apache AXIS 1.1 Released[ Go to top ]

    In what part of WS-I profile? this thing is a huge sets of specs, ranging to a number of RFC's, UDDI and etc. But if you are looking for WSDL/SOAP/XML schema/types, then AFAIK it is compliant.
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    The parts that make sense. :-)

    I found this soon after posting. Looks like they will try to be compliant but will not guarantee it.

    http://www.mail-archive.com/axis-user at xml dot apache dot org/msg10696.html
  6. A BIG thank you APACHE team.[ Go to top ]

    You have made our life so easy - tomcat, xerces, axis, ant, apache web server, log 4 j and the list goes on and on...
    Thanks a lot ................
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    I did not find couple of thing on Axis site:
    1. There used to be a nice table, which represented results of interoperability tests between various SOAP implementations. Where it is now?
    2. In my tests about a year ago Axis was many times slower than Glue. How about relative performance now?
  8. maybe you are looking for this?

  9. Dare I criticise Axis?[ Go to top ]

    I dont particularly want to rain on Axis' 1.1 release parade - but I think that they have some serious work to do in simplifying / factoring out soap engine and transport.

    The hoops you have to jump through to use a transport other than HTTP (e.g. JMS) is OTT and its messy. Perhaps not too many people do it - hence its not been targeted specifically.

    Also, I cant believe that the examples work - given that I basically copied the file transport and I spent ages pulling my hair out until I worked out that a rather significant piece of initialisation was missing...

    The JMS transport example they have is quite a monster in terms of complexity - and its missing a fundamental component - an MDB server implementation.

    They really should look at the model that PocketSoap has - where the SOAP Engine has a very simple interface (String in, String out) making it a cinch to plug in whatever transport you dream of.

    Thats my whinge for today :)
    (We know we have it easy when we can complain about free software ;-) )

  10. WSIF[ Go to top ]

    What does this mean for the WSIF project
    i have found that it simplified some of the transport related issues......
  11. Not yet.....[ Go to top ]

    Check out http://ws.apache.org/axis/index.html
    It still shows Release Candidate #2 for version 1.1!
    The Axis official web site hasn't yet made it official!
    May be we should wait for the official release rather than 'unofficial' ones in these forums!
  12. Not yet.....[ Go to top ]

    Try to look around harder! ;-)
  13. 1.1 was released on June 16. See http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=axis-dev&m=105577977007676&w=2 for the announcement email.