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    I have 1000 records in a table and when I am trying to fetch all the records at the same time, it is giving CacheFullException.

    Can anyone please tell how to resolve this.?
    Sepcification : EJB2.0

    thanks & regards,
    Manju Vishnu

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    r u using Weblogic. If so the docs say

    "If max-beans-in-cache is reached and EJBs in the cache are not being used, WebLogic Server passivates some of those beans. This occurs even if the unused beans have not reached their idle-timeout-seconds limit. If max-beans-in-cache is reached and all EJBs in the cache are being used by clients, WebLogic Server throws a CacheFullException."
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    I don't think its a good idea to load 1000 beans into memory for a single client. I'm having a hard time imagining why one client would need simulataneous access to all 1000 beans. Get a list of small identifier objects, have the client pick one, and then load the corresponding entity bean.