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    I'm looking for some guidelines/best practices that could help us in leading the transition of our organization to J2EE (WebSphere) development. I mean, both technological and cultural tips to make the transition work.
    I have a good (dated) reference on the subject: "Best Practices for Transitioning to J2EE", by Dennis Pagano. Does anyone know any other helpful resource?

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    Do your developers have similar or wide range of technical backgrounds. Based on my experience,if your developers have a solid background in OO designs,the transition is a lot smoother. It's just a matter of learning the Java language and studying best pratices and design patterns. In that case, I'd recommend the following books:
    - Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies by Prentice Hall
    - EJB design patterns - available for download on this site
    - Java Enterprise Best Practices by O'reilly
  3. theserverside also has a whitepaper on J2EE Best practices. You can download it on:
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    I just started at a place that is doing similar.
      Any and all Best Practices papers are worth a look. Fowlers new book "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture" has a lot of great info in section 1 (and section 2).
        Everyone in the office should have theserverside (as well as a few others) in their bookmarks.
        I would also try and steer them away from any "homebrew" solutions, and stick to the OpenSource stuff where you can - there is great support in this community. And homebrew will suck in 2 years....
        Have everyone read Bloch's "Effective Java".

       What is the staff transitioning from? what kind of environment is there now?