Base Beans Announces basicPortal v 0.9.8


News: Base Beans Announces basicPortal v 0.9.8

  1. Base Beans Announces basicPortal v 0.9.8 (1 messages)

    Base Beans has a new release of basicPortal (v0.9.8), a simple CMS open source Struts 1.1 + Standard JSP Tags web application that requires a SQL db to run.

    It compares to BEA, IBM, and Oracle Portal; as well as PHP-Nukes, Plone, Zope, OpenCMS, JetSpeed, and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.

    Download bP:
    bP on sourceforge

     We tried to make bP.war (basicPortal) very simple (so it’s easy to learn), storing HTML / XML content in DB, and displaying data via a cached DAO (iBatis). Most applications start of needing J2EE security (via standard J2EE JDBC Realms), error handling (web.xml declared), and a way to display comments; database multi row master detail updates(CRUD); you can start with all those things out of the box. Since it is based on Struts (using best Practices, compare this simple approach to Suns BluePrints), you can easily customize it, using regular Struts, nothing special.

    bP can run on Servlet 2.3 compliant apps servers and SQL DBs, but also available for dowload is Jasic, that includes bP.war, plus all the supporting Jakarta type software, et al, pre-configured to run bP. Jasic adds:

    - Tomcat 5 (you can use any J2EE, such as Resin 3- we did test, it works. Compare to Sun including Netbeans IDE),
    - Eclipse 3 IDE (pre-configured classpath for bP),
    - a database to run bP (PostgreSQL comes w/Jasic, but you can use any),
    - an integrated reporting tool (iReports, most apps need reporting, we added helper servlets),
    - a stress test tool (we scale over 1,000 to 2,000 concurrent users per CPU, possibly the fastest),
    - jRockit, (even a JVM is included) etc. Things that you need for a project, already integrated, you just unzip and go, you do not have to integrate things that you use 80% of time anyway.

    Note: bP ships with JSTL v1.1 (not 1.03, thus JSP 2.0 container is required like TC5 or Resin 3, included. A Struts expert can deploy bP to JSP 1.2 container by replacing the JSTL jars with v1.03).

    If you can’t download, you can purchase a CD. Commercial private on site training is available for organizations without Struts/JSTL expertise.
  2. Infonoia SA ( is converting its commercial website to basicPortal, going online this week.

    Infonoia offers training and mentoring on Struts and basicPortal in the European Union and Switzerland. Infonoia is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and regularly holds seminars and workshops there, and elsewhere. Infonoia has been working with Java application server technologies since 1998 and has assisted clients like TetraPak and Deloitte & Touche with building complex web applications.

    For more information, see