Credit Card Processing with 3rd-party Java API?


General J2EE: Credit Card Processing with 3rd-party Java API?

  1. I'm building an e-comm site and I've been searching around for a 3rd-party credit card service provider that offers a Java API for connecting to a gateway to authorize transactions. Can any of you guys recommend a service provider that you know offers a Java API for server-side CC processing?

    I called Citibank and CardService International, but Citibank only offers HTML-embedded processing, which I don't want, and CardServices International does not support proxy servers with SSL, which won't work for me.


  2. Raffi,

    Please contact The contact person is Chris Francis (CFrancis at lynksystems dot com).

    They provide servlet based interface that might help you build your Java based credit card processing system easily. We have used it for our J2EE based application development. It is working nicely in conjuction with web client like WebBrowser and IVR. One thing I did not like though is that their document (Lynk Java Servlet Installation and Usage) included "settle" request and it worked with the test store/account but failed in production when we got started with real store/account. So then we had to change our business logic to authorize first (very minimal amount) and then do direct "sale" with actual amount instead of "settle" at the end.

    Hope this help.
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    Great, thanks for the info!

  5. Verisign offers a service called PayFlowPro that has a Java API.