Advice needed to create a Customizable html page with JSPs.


General J2EE: Advice needed to create a Customizable html page with JSPs.

  1. I am going to create an admin module as part of a web site, where administrators can select certain pages of the web site and modify certain sections of the page.

    I am thinking of the following approaches, but what do you think?:

    1) Server Side Includes
    2) Java and XML
    3) Using Frames to display the customizable text which is saved as an HTML / TXT file.

    Any ideas? Has anybody done something similar?

  2. SSI is generally OK for small pieces of dynamic content. How about using the include directive or action in a JSP?
  3. What about jsf or using another framework?
  4. JSF or another framework[ Go to top ]

    JSF sounds really interesting.

    Have you worked with it? Have you worked with Struts?

    I need 2 components:

    1) An admin page that modifies the content. (write to file functionality -either a file that is called from a JSP page with an INCLUDE, or directly write to editable sections of a web page- I would prefer the last approach).

    2) A web page that displays the content.

  5. JSF or another framework[ Go to top ]

    Include action versus directive:
  6. Thanks![ Go to top ]

    I will try it .

  7. The directive sounds interesting.

    So basically, I will just need to provide a way to save the modified contents in that external file from the Admin module, and just load it with the include on the JSP page for the end-users, right?

    Now , what is the difference between using:

      <%@ include file="relativeURL" %>