Question about Increase and improve Maintenance


Performance and scalability: Question about Increase and improve Maintenance

  1. what is increase the Maintenance (coice 2)?
    - code reuse
    - data sharing
    - hight coupling
    - code factoring

    what is improve the Maintenance(coice 2)?
    - code factoring
    - reusing component
    - public instance variable
    - dependence of components

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  2. Maintainability=Good Performance[ Go to top ]

    Not exactly sure what the question is but often performance and maintenance come hand in hand. If your code is properly refactored, has tight cohesion and loose coupling performance problems can often be fixed in one point in your code (i.e. if you copy and paste code you have to make the same P&T changes throughout). Also if you reuse your code in many projects and you make performance improvements, all projects become faster with these changes.

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    > - dependence of components
  3. this an assigment?[ Go to top ]

    this sounds like someone wanting help with their uni assignment.. and probably best to let them read the textbook :)

    I would suggest first of all looking up what "code reuse" is, what "high coupling" (perhaps tight coupling is a more traditional term?). Then what the concept of dependence between components means and you'll probably work out what affect these things have on the maintainability.