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      i will be using weblogic clustering in my upcoming project. if i use iFrames in HTML, will there be any problem in session handling? does Weblogic creates new sessions for iFrames (specially in clustered environment)?

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    The session is related to the request-response cycle, not the composition of your UI. As long as you are maintaining the session ID (e.g. in a cookie or URL) and don't time-out, then the session should also be maintained.
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    The only potential problem I see is that your IFrame will be loaded at about the same time as your surrounding page, so if they are both manipulating the same data in the servlet session, you may have concurrency problems. If you are careful, though (and stick to read-only operations) you can probably avoid this problem.
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    Thanks Strack & Mitchell. Further to my previous question, i will have html forms both in the outer main frame and in the innter iFrame. THe HTML form inside the inner iframe will be submitted for intermediate activities (and this action will update the session and will refresh only the inner iframe), and the main form in the main page will be submited when the user is through with all the intermediate activities and presses the submit button. what my question is: will the Weblogic server (in single server mode or in cluster mode) consider the requests coming from those 2 frames as 2 seperate client and create seperate session? or is it that the session used by the main page (outer frame) will be shared with the request submitted from the inner iframe? As far as i know, browser treats the iFrames as seperate windows internally.
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    Session will be shared.
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    Thanks Alex