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    Can we extend ActionServlet while developing the application using structs framework.
    If so what are the methods that I can override in the sub class.
    Is there any advantages by extending the ActionServlet.

    thanks in advance
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    i think there is an article on the struts website about extending the action servlet i dont think you subclass it any more but implement a certain interface , check the web site user/developer docs for help
  3. Yeah, we have extended ActionServlet and overriden initModuleMessageResources to read all the bundle files and put this object under the default key 'org.apache.struts.action.MESSAGE'.

    Initially we are using only one resource bundle and after that we are required to have seperate files for platform and application teams. so for minimum change, we had followed the above approach.
    Otherwise everybody has to change <bean:message key="" /> to <bean:message key="" bundle="platform/application"/>

    If there any changes in the coming versions, it will effect our code sometimes. Mostly it will be backward compatible ( but still some may be depreciated )

    Common changes can be done here by overriding the existing functionality.