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    Hi everybody,

    can someone explain to me, how to access "local file" from an applet. I know how to call a Servlet or a file on server. but I want to read/write local file.
    Do I need to fiddle with security permissions? Please explain.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Your applet need to be digitally signed. At runtime, user is prompted to accept or revoke.
  3. It's not that simple.[ Go to top ]

    If you have an RSA-signed applet, where you paid a good penny for the cert, then you *may* be able to access the local file system. You can no longer use a self-signed applet to access the local file system starting with plugins versioned 1.3.1+.

    The other approach metioned on the sun site - locally installing the class files on the local machine - I still have not gotten to work. If anyone has a *working* example of this approach, I'd appreciate seeing it.

    Thanks - Derrick
  4. Wrap it in an ActiveX control.[ Go to top ]

    ActiveX controls that have been accepted for installation, can have any rights that you care to give them.