ERROR: Proxy already running... + WebLogic Portal 8.1


EJB programming & troubleshooting: ERROR: Proxy already running... + WebLogic Portal 8.1

  1. Folks,

    I have weblogic portal 8.1.1 in my UNIX system with domainA and domainB.

    When I start AdminServerA(domainA), it works fine.

    When I start AdminServerB(domainB), it leads the domainB to the following error and hang the server.

    Anyone can help me? Thanks - Lawrence

    FATAL ERROR in native method: No transports initialized
    === Debugging ===
    This window is necessary for debugging code using WebLogic Workshop
    Creating transport
    Starting solaris/DRE/PortalSearchDRE.exe
    ERROR: Proxy already running...
    Could not bind to Weblogic server (Error attaching to Weblogic Server.).
    ProxyThread shutdown
    Starting solaris/AutoIndexer/PortalSearchAutoIndexer.exe
    Starting solaris/HTTPFetch/PortalSearchHTTPFetch.exe
    Portal search engine started.
    Portal search engine processes stopped
  2. HI Dear, Please send me the domain config file. This is happening due to the port being used by the first domain. All the best, Sandeep