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News: Oracle releases Oracle9i JDeveloper

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    Oracle has released a maintenance release of their developer tool, Oracle9i JDeveloper When you look through the fix list you see that the majority of changes are from their BC4J product (Business Components for Java). It contains all of the fixes (and a few enhancements) from the BC4J 9.0.4 release (they were back ported to this 9.0.3 branch).

    There are also fixes to OC4J support, modelers, and Web services.


    Oracle9i JDeveloper Home

    List of fixes in maintenance release

    If you are trying to work out what is going on with releases at Oracle (where does 10g fit in etc), view the picture: Wrapping Your Mind Around Our Upcoming JDeveloper Releases

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  2. its all confusing ..[ Go to top ]

    BC4J 9.0.3.x ..OC4J ...
    they can do a better job i believe so that the customers dont get drowned in the myriad of releases and trying to follow whats in there, what is to come etc!!
  3. its all confusing ..[ Go to top ]

    Is it possible to have a class action suit against Oracle for pushing these dreadful products and with those horrible release jokes?
  4. its all confusing ..[ Go to top ]


    Main Entry: 1dread·ful
    Pronunciation: 'dred-f&l
    Function: adjective
    Date: 13th century

    1 a : inspiring dread : causing great and oppressive fear b : inspiring awe or reverence
    2 : extremely bad, distasteful, unpleasant, or shocking

    Is "awe" in your vocab or you are directly trying to throw some FUD on the news? :-)

    Shed some ligth on us regarding the two products, maybe someone will help you to understand that they really inspire awe, reverence and veneration :-)
  5. its all confusing ..[ Go to top ]

    Awe musta been the word of the day in "hooked on phonetics".