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    Has anyone had experience of using a COM-CORBA bridge in their systems.

    We're looking at having to use some COM components in our system. App Server vendor is still undefined, although its between IBM and BEA and I notice that WebLogic has built-in support for calls to COM components, whereas Websphere does not.

    And then I read about third-party bridges such as J-Integra, which supposedly do the job for you.

    Question - assuming an App Server which can support calls to COM objects (e.g. WebLogic) is there any advantage in paying extra for a 3rd party bridge such as J-Integra?
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    I have very successfully used J-Integra to access components running in MTS (written in VB 5.0) from ejbs running in WebSphere 2.03. I was also able to control transactions in MTS, by bridging the tx-interface of MTS.

    This was done last autumn, and the support from the J-Integra developers was really good.

    The only issue for me was that I had to write wrapper-components for the MTS-components due to data-conversion. The existing MTS-components returned Variant Arrays, which is not easily mapped to a java-type.