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    Has anybody installed j2sdkee1.2.1 on win98 .
     could u, please, let me know how .
    Thank for your help
    Faisal Abdallah

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    hai faisal..

      s i installed j2sdkee1.2.1 in win98.. it is nicely running..
      what is ur problem there..?
      i hope u got that "Out of Environment" error.. is it..?

      if u have any problem in that just mail me
        vrkraj at usa dot net


  3. many thanks Rajesh Kumar[ Go to top ]

    Hi R.Kumar
    I really appreciate your help.
    I' ve just installed Orion1.3.8 server .It seems to be working well-I've just tried it with a servlet.I am new to EJB and distributed networking.
    take care
    Faisal Abdallah