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    we are at doing some proof of concept with Struts 1.1 and heard about JavaServerFaces Sun's new framework. We are wondering if in our future development it would be worth it to consider choosing JSF instead of Struts...

    Is there any chart to compare? Is anybody had the chance to work with both? What are pros and cons? Any good or bad experiences?

    Thank you!

  2. Are you into buying futures?[ Go to top ]

    JSF has a long way to go before making it production ready and it is such a huge step that it might even longer (1-2 yrs). So if you are a gambling kind of person then you should consider JSF but a lot can happen in the next year, hell our industry changes every 3 months! Keep an eye on it but don't bank to much on it today.
  3. About Struts and JavaServer Faces [forward-looking] (by Craig R. McClanahan)

    Andrew Kuzmin
  4. Struts and JavaServer Faces: Competition or Coexistence? (Craig McClanahan)

    Andrew Kuzmin