Announcing BeJug Javapolis - December 3rd & 4th, Antwerp


News: Announcing BeJug Javapolis - December 3rd & 4th, Antwerp

  1. This years the Belgium Java Users Group's Javapolis conference (December 3rd& 4th, Antwerp) on J2EE, Security, XML, Open Source, and Methodologies, and features a great lineup of speakers leading the commercial and open source world, including James Gosling, Craig McClanahan, Jonas Boner, myself, and many others.

    Check out Javapolis 2003.

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  2. Good program[ Go to top ]

    Many interesting topics...

    I will be there too, I have just regstrated and it is not far from Paris :)
  3. Interesting programme[ Go to top ]

    The topics look interesting indeed. Last year it was quite interesting as well! One to recommend!
  4. out of work[ Go to top ]

    If I'm still looking for work by then, I'll be there! Do attendees generally dislike it when you introduce yourself "Hi, I'm Joe, I need a job" ???
  5. out of work[ Go to top ]

    May you should look for a Visa to India, I heard companies such as IBM, SUN, Oracle etc hiring a lot of people there.
  6. out of work[ Go to top ]

    Yes, we dislike it.
    But hey, I have a joboffer for an experienced J2EE developer in Antwerp. So if you're serious, contact me.
  7. What, no JDO coverage this year?

    Last year was great. I naturally enjoyed talking about JDO, and I also enjoyed watching the movie Anti Trust in a theatre full of Java developers and architects. Best wishes to JavaPolis this year.

    Kind regards, Robin.
  8. JDO[ Go to top ]

    Don't worry,
    multiple speakers covered/mentioned the use of JDO.
    In fact, the speach on "EJB2.0 performance and scalability" sounded a lot like "you better use JDO" :-)

    BTW, for movie we had "The Matrix III".