Open Source JMX Implementation MX4J 2.0 Released


News: Open Source JMX Implementation MX4J 2.0 Released

  1. Open Source JMX Implementation MX4J 2.0 Released (5 messages)

    The MX4J project has released MX4J 2.0 beta 1, an open source implementation of the JMX technology (JSR 3) version 1.2.1 and of the JMX Remote API (JSR 160) version 1.0.

    With this release, a complete implementation of JSR 3, version 1.2.1 and of JSR 160, version 1.0, is available.

    Along with the JMX implementations comes a lot of new features and JMX-related tools.

    Most notable are:

  2. HttpAdaptor
  3. ConfigurationLoader to load MBeans from XML
  4. Statistics MBeans
  5. Improved Jython support
  6. JSR 160 rmi, iiop, local and soap providers
  7. JSR 160 tools

  8. Check it out at the MX4J website

    View information on the JMX JSRs:

    JSR 3: Java Management Extensions (JMX) Specification

    JSR 160: Java Management Extensions (JMX) Remote API 1.0

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  • SNMP service?[ Go to top ]

    Is there an open-source SNMP adaptor for JMX? -Frank
  • SNMP service?[ Go to top ]

    Not that I'm aware of.
    In MX4J the issue has been raised several times now, but never quite took off.
  • Scoping the effort[ Go to top ]

    Has anyone scoped the effort to write an SNMP service adaptor for JMX? If so, please let me know your thoughts. I might be interested in writing it and providing it under an Apache-style license. -Frank (fcohen at pushtotest dot com)
  • Scoping the effort[ Go to top ]

    I've no idea of the quality or substance, but here is a link to an open source Java SNMP package:
  • JMX SNMP Adaptor[ Go to top ]


    AdventNet provides an easily configurable SNMP Adaptor for MBeans built on MX4J. There is *no Development License Fee* associated with this. Only Runtime License is applicable. In addition to supporting MX4J, it supports various other JMX implementations and application servers as well.

    The product is available at

    AdventNet Inc.