SearchBlox J2EE Search Component Version 1.1 released


News: SearchBlox J2EE Search Component Version 1.1 released

  1. SearchBlox is a J2EE search component that enables you to add search functionality to your applications, intranets or portals in a matter of minutes. SearchBlox features integrated HTTP and File System crawlers, support for different document formats, support for indexing and searching content in 15 languages and customizable search results, all controlled from a browser-based Admin Console.

    Main features in this update:
    - Asian language support. SearchBlox now supports Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Korean language content.
    - Performance enhancements to search
    - Improved Hit Highlighting

    SearchBlox is available as a Web Archive (WAR) and is deployable on any Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2 compliant server. SearchBlox Getting-Started Guides are available for the following servers:

    JBoss -
    Jetty -
    JRun -
    Pramati -
    Resin -
    Tomcat -
    Weblogic -
    Websphere -

    End User Features
    - Advanced Search: supports Boolean AND, OR, and NOT searches, Fuzzy and fielded query searches
    - Sort: search results can be sorted by date, relevance or alphabetically.
    - Hit Highlighting: query terms are highlighted on content title and description
    - Collections: users can limit search to specific collections

    Administrator Features
    - Web-based Admin Console: easy to use and intuitive console to manage all aspects of the Search application
    - Collections: create up to 5 document collections with customized settings
    - Look & Feel: search results customizable using XSLT stylesheets. Can also be delivered as XML
    - Reporting: real-time reporting with weekly, daily and hourly result sets, top queries and zero match queries
    - Schedulers: flexible scheduling of indexing and index-refresh operations

    Content Features
    - Crawlers: can index both HTTP and File-system based content
    - Languages: supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish
    - Stopwords: separate stopword list for each supported language
    - File Types: supports HTML, Word, Excel, PDF, Text, RTF
    - MetaTags: supports standard meta tag fields (title, description, keyword)

    The SearchBlox FREE Edition is available free of charge and can index up to 1000 HTML documents.

    The software can be downloaded from

    NOTE: TheServerSide now uses Lucene for our search
  2. NOTE: TheServerSide now uses Lucene for our search

    A quick glance at the downloaded .war reveals that SearchBlox uses Lucene for their search, as well.
  3. Yes SearchBlox uses Lucene[ Go to top ]

    Yes, the reference to the fact that we use Lucene was meant to be "which SearchBlox uses too".
  4. The license file which comes with the war is an invalid one.
  5. The license file which comes with the war is an invalid one.

    The license that comes with the war is for the FREE Edition that allows you to index and search 1000 HTML documents.

    To evaluate any of the other versions, please send an email to evaluate at searchblox dot com with the IP Address of the machine you wish to evaluate the software on and the SearchBlox Edition you wish to evaluate.

    More details on the other Editions is available at