Looking for advice on Servlet/JSP/EJB hosting options


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Looking for advice on Servlet/JSP/EJB hosting options

  1. I am looking for some inexpensive hosting for jsp/servlets/ejb and I found WebAppCabaret in the Java Developer's Journal. I checked out the site, and it looks ok. The price is right ($20/month or $200/year for 2 domains and servlets/jsp/mysql). However, they are a little short on documentation, except their 33 page terms and conditions document.

    I was wondering if anyone on this list has used them recently as a hosting service and can give me some feedback? They are listed on servlets.com, but the feedback is (1) old from a time when they offered free hosting and (2) mixed.

    If you know of a service with a similar price, please let me know!



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  2. dont go for cwihosting.com[ Go to top ]

    we had an account with cwihosting.com. One day they decided that we were taking too much of CPU and decided to cut our site. They would not even reply to our emails and wouldnt let us point DNS entry to some other hosting provider. Ultimately we lost the money paid and had to transfer the domain to somebody else. Our members were not able to access the site for a complete month.
  3. pleased with kgbinternet.com[ Go to top ]

    I use http://www.kgbinternet.com and am happy with them. If you just want to run servlets/jsps then it is about $7.50 US a month. If you want to run wars and have your own private JVM then it is about $15 US a month. Support is prompt. Performance has been excellent.

    You can see the performance of the performance of the site by clicking 'Live Demo' from http://www.fdsapi.com. FDS (The FormattedDataSet) is an open source product that generates dynamic content (HTML, XML,...)
  4. If you need Oracle database hosting - try www.revion.com
     No fees and very stable.