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      I wanted to confirm if there are any problems in client side scripting(VBScript/JavaScript) in JSP/Servlets and if the servlet/JSP engine parses it as normal HTML.Do we need to take some care while writing client side script.
      Thanking in anticipation.
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    well the JSP container only interrupts the tag which begins and ends with<% %> respectively..and the other scripts and html tags are considered as normal text which are returned to the client can see that other than jsp tags my servlet uses out.println for the client side javascript and html tagsjust like this
    out.print("<HTML>\r\n\r\n \r\n ");
    out.println("<script Language=\"JavaScript\">\r\n ");
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    There is absolutely no problem in using client side script in JSP. I have used them as if I would use them in normal HTML. You can even create a separate javascript file and use that in the JSP.