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    I am trying to host a page using Borland Enterprise Server(BES). This page contains a link to an "Excel" file on the server. However, the so called "Excel" file on the server is actually a file containing HTML Table tags named as .xls file. Please refer to the below for example. Each time a user click on the link, the web browser is not using MS Excel to open the “Excel” file. It is displaying the file as a HTML page. This is not my desire result. I wanted the web browser to open up the file using MS Excel.

    How can this be achieved? I do not wish to change the file into a JSP with contentType="application/".

    Is there a way to “cheat” BES into believing that the file is actually an Excel file and make MS Excel open it?

    Many Thanks


    <td>Jackie Bacon</td>
    <td>2006-09-30 00:00:00.0</td>
    <td>1999-10-11 00:00:00.0</td>
    <td>Board Papers, Correspond. Speeches, Meetings</td>

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    are you using the Apache 2 with IIOP connected to the tomcat server ?

    if not then you maybe you have to add the mime type to the tomcat config files not sure where they are thou
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    I added in the following enter to the web.xml. However, it is still displaying the 'Excel' file as a HTML


    Help. Anyone?

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    I got it. There was a mistake in the tag. The below should be the correct codes.